When Will You Upgrade?

I’ve finally got around to updating the poll question on the right hand side of the site for the month of March. The question this month is, When will you upgrade to 2.5? I’ve seen a number of people that claim they won’t upgrade unless the administration area looks better. I’ve also seen people claim they will upgrade as soon as it’s released ( I happen to be one of them). So please select one of the answers in the poll and let me know.

Email – Most Desired Service

A survey conducted by online usability and accessibility expert Webcredible has identified email as the most desired service for mobile phone users. When asked ‘Which service would you use on your mobile/cell phone if speed & quality weren’t an issue?’, 33% stated that email would be their number one priority. Social networking followed closely behind with 25% of the votes.

20% of those surveyed also highlighted a preference for using their phone to access local information about their surroundings and a remaining 13% said that they would use their phone to obtain travel and route planning information.

Trenton Moss, director, Webcredible commented, “The ease of use with regard to accessing email via Blackberry and PDA devices has certainly caused a ground swell in consumers who want the ability to email on the move through a basic mobile device. What I find interesting though, is the speed with which social networking is becoming a must have function on mobile.”

“Over the next six months I see a continued increase in the number of people demanding social networking functions through their mobile against those who consider email to be the most important. One of the driving factors in enabling this will be the usability of the site and the skill with which site developers transfer from PC format to mobile format. Facebook has already developed a very accessible and usable mobile version of their site, ensuring its members get their daily Facebook fix.”

Interestingly, just 9% said that they would like to be able to shop online.

Moss continues, “I think this is an unsurprising statistic. There are two main reasons why mobile users are skeptical about shopping via mobile. Firstly, usability is a massive function and one which is difficult to overcome if shoppers want to view a good quality image of what they are buying. Secondly, there is still great uncertainty among the public about data security of shopping through mobile phones.”

Webcredible surveyed 1010 mobile phone users and achieved the following results:-

* Social networks – 254 votes (25%)
* Travel information/planning – 135 votes (13%)
* Email – 335 votes (33%)
* Local information/whats around you – 199 votes (20%)
* Online shopping – 87 votes (9%)

New Poll For 2008

Thanks to the overwhelming response to last month’s poll which asked the question, “Do You Celebrate Christmas“? 31 of you said yes, 13 of you said no and for whatever reason, 3 people voted that Christmas offended them. I have a good idea as to who may have voted for that third option but I’m not going to give out any names. Wouldn’t want them to be stoned or anything.

At any rate, thank you for participating. With 2008 now underway, the question for this month is, “Was Your 2007 Resolution Successful?” As for myself, I promised I would drink more water and stop visiting fast food joints so much. Indeed, I was able to really trim down how many times I visit fast food joints but I was unable to drink more water this year. Instead, I think I drank even more Mountain Dew. I also promised myself that I would have a new job before the end of 2007 and that didn’t happen either. Well actually, if you consider writing for WeblogToolsCollection.com as a second job, then in fact, I was successful but at this point, I’m not going to count that as a second job.

So after voting, let me know if you think New Years is a good time to make empty promises.