New Poll For 2008

Thanks to the overwhelming response to last month’s poll which asked the question, “Do You Celebrate Christmas“? 31 of you said yes, 13 of you said no and for whatever reason, 3 people voted that Christmas offended them. I have a good idea as to who may have voted for that third option but I’m not going to give out any names. Wouldn’t want them to be stoned or anything.

At any rate, thank you for participating. With 2008 now underway, the question for this month is, “Was Your 2007 Resolution Successful?” As for myself, I promised I would drink more water and stop visiting fast food joints so much. Indeed, I was able to really trim down how many times I visit fast food joints but I was unable to drink more water this year. Instead, I think I drank even more Mountain Dew. I also promised myself that I would have a new job before the end of 2007 and that didn’t happen either. Well actually, if you consider writing for as a second job, then in fact, I was successful but at this point, I’m not going to count that as a second job.

So after voting, let me know if you think New Years is a good time to make empty promises.

3 thoughts on “New Poll For 2008

  1. Man, NY resolutions suck. I say, keep your expectations low, and you cant get dissapointed. :)

    Also, did you lose much weight from your lack of fast food? That’s my goal this year. To look like Nick Auger.

    Do the dudes at pay you for your work?

  2. @Mike LOL you’re right about the low expectations part. Don’t make any resolutions at all and that way, you could always say you did better than you thought.

    I didn’t stop visiting fast food joints to lose weight, I did it to save money. However, I have to buy my lunch everyday where I work and that is anywhere from 2-4$ per night which is almost what it cost me to visit a fast food joint. I can’t win. FYI I weigh a steady 170lbs.

    As for being paid by WLTC. I was offered a position there with pay. I turned down the offer at first and instead, I’m doing a trial run there to see if what I write is of any value. So far, people have really enjoyed what I’ve written so far and it looks like I’ll be doing the gig officially. Again, as for being paid, I have not spoken to Mark about the specific details, but chances are, If he liked what I write and wants to keep me on the team, I’ll be paid per month. That amount could change from month to month based on his advertising revenue.

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