You Interview Me

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, January 29th will most likely be the last interview I publish for To go out in style, I thought it would be fun if my last interview was one of myself. However, Andrew Rickmann gave me the great idea to have other people interview me instead. So, I asked people on Twitter to submit a question they would ask me if they had the chance to interview me. Only a few people have participated thus far so I’d like to extend this opportunity to you.

Just leave a comment with your question on this blog post. It does not have to strictly be centered around WordPress. I would prefer it be in the realm of blogging but it doesn’t have to be. On January 29th, I’ll compile the chosen questions and answer them.

When Will You Upgrade?

I’ve finally got around to updating the poll question on the right hand side of the site for the month of March. The question this month is, When will you upgrade to 2.5? I’ve seen a number of people that claim they won’t upgrade unless the administration area looks better. I’ve also seen people claim they will upgrade as soon as it’s released ( I happen to be one of them). So please select one of the answers in the poll and let me know.