When Will You Upgrade?

I’ve finally got around to updating the poll question on the right hand side of the site for the month of March. The question this month is, When will you upgrade to 2.5? I’ve seen a number of people that claim they won’t upgrade unless the administration area looks better. I’ve also seen people claim they will upgrade as soon as it’s released ( I happen to be one of them). So please select one of the answers in the poll and let me know.

13 thoughts on “When Will You Upgrade?

  1. I have a lot of strange plugins that I haven’t tested with 2.5 yet so it will depend on how they go, I also may not have time for a few weeks, I certainly ain’t doing it on a school night.

  2. @Chris Thomson Like you, I will be upgrading as soon as it’s released :) if there are any troubles, I’ll be one of the first to shout them out.

    @Ronald @ RA Project Good idea. A new design with a refreshed back end. Starting off anew!

    @Andrew Sounds like a long and tiring process (maybe) I’ve heard that if you designed the plugins to try and confine them to the design of the backend instead of something custom, they should be alright or at least, very easy to fix.

    @Alex I’m not sure what I left out of the poll. What should I of added?

  3. I believe I mentioned this, but I’m on trunk, so I’m always updated. However, you do have to keep track of wp-hackers and wp-testers to make sure no fatal errors crept in.

    Besides the new administration, auto upgrading of plugins is also something to look forward to. I think that it is quite impressive. After trying it, within seconds of a new plugin release, you can just click the button and with a few seconds more, you have the latest release off of WordPress Plugin Extend.

    The core also has a lot of bug fixes, enhancements, and other features. I hope many people do upgrade.

  4. Where is the option for:

    after Jeff gives the ALL CLEAR!

    That’s what I wanted to vote for, but I picked a month since it wasn’t listed.

  5. I’ll upgrade my test blog on release day, if everything holds (including those two pesky plugins I wrote), then I’ll upgrade kdmurray.net.

  6. @Brad Heh, that would of been a good poll option. Too bad I didn’t think of that when I created the poll. Wonder how many people would of selected that option.

    @Keith Which two plugins did you write? I’m actually going to an upgrade of my live site but on my local server as a practice run. See if anything breaks.

  7. I will update my blog as soon as 2.5 comes out, but for other production sites, I will wait a week to see if there are any critical security updates.. well truth is I would be just lazy hehe

  8. Just a quick little update from me: I just hopped back down to 2.3.3.

    The reason is, I was ‘hacked’ two times this week (and I’ve never been hacked before this week). I thought it was someone who got my password to ftp, or something, but no.

    After a bit of searching through access logs, I determined it was something else … not FTP, SFTP, or SSH. It must’ve been an exploit in something I was running. Again, after looking through those access logs, I found some malicious requests through the BackUpWordPress plugin.

    It turns out this plugin has a huge explot. More info on that can be found here.

    During the process I questioned WP 2.5b1, so I downgraded. I’ll probably wait for the release, just to be safe.

  9. @Chris Thomson Man Chris, sorry to hear about the hack. You had proper backups of your data right? Sounds like WordPress 2.5 is ok but the plugin was used as an entry point into your site.

  10. Yeah. They didn’t do anything bad — just replaced wp-config.php, /wp-admin/index.php, and index.php with their “YOU WERE HACKED BY BLAH BLAH BLAH” page.

    All passwords changed, different DB, clean WP install. Everything’s good. :)

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