Apple Jumping The Gun On .me Domain?

GoDaddy is rolling out a new top level domain (.me) which has been open to LandRush orders since 5/6/08. The LandRush orders will expire on 6/26/08 where any domain which has been requested by multiple parties will have to go through an auction period. The winning bid will retrieve the domain while the losing bidder will be eligible to receive a refund. Open .me registrations will take place on 7/17/08 on a first come first serve basis.

However, at WWDC Apple rolled out a new service called MobileMe which is a new service for iPhones, iPod touch, Macs and PCs. Think of it as a way to keep everything synced.

How fitting would it be for Apple to get a hold of the domain? Apparently, pretty fitting as this screenshot will tell. Click the image for a larger view.

Mobile Me Taken Off The Auction Block

Let’s see what happens after the auction dust settles.

Get A Mac Misprint

Recently, PC World did a piece on how the fastest notebook to run Windows Vista was a Macbook Pro. Since that article has made it into the public, the Apple marketing department has jumped all over the opportunity to cash in on the review.

If I were Microsoft, I’d get Apple off my back and disable any way for an Apple based machine to run Microsoft software, including anything in a virtual environment. Microsoft can’t run Mac software, but Mac can run Microsoft software. Someone needs to pimp slap Steve Jobs.

Time For A New Poll

Wow. According to YOU, blogging is not dying.

Is Blogging Really Dying?

* No (77%, 27 Votes)
* Yes (23%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 35

I chose this particular question because at the beginning of October, Techmeme was launched which caused a bunch of bloggers to confirm that blogging will be killed off thanks to Techmeme. Not sure what sort of dope was going around the blogosphere at the time, but blogging seems to be doing just fine and will continue to do so, with or without Techmeme. Thanks goes out to everyone who participated in the poll. Now it’s time for another question.

This time, I want to know what operating system your using. The choices are Apple, Microsoft, or Linux and of course, Other which should take care of operating systems such as Lindows, Unix or a home grown OS.

E-Learning 2.0 What You Need To Know

Read/WriteWeb has put together quite an interesting article detailing E-Learning 2.0 using Web 2.0 technologies. The article provides an overview of e-learning 2.0, including the leading web apps and sites in the niche, and predictions for its future. It’s awesome to see how all of this Web 2.0 technology stuff is being implemented in such unique, informative ways.

As this article shows, there is a lot of web 2.0 activity in the e-learning space – including from the big Internet companies like Google and Apple. The current era of the Web is all about two-way communication, collaboration and ‘read/write’; and the classroom is an ideal place to utilize these technologies.

E-Learning 2.0 What You Need To Know