Time For A New Poll

Wow. According to YOU, blogging is not dying.

Is Blogging Really Dying?

* No (77%, 27 Votes)
* Yes (23%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 35

I chose this particular question because at the beginning of October, Techmeme was launched which caused a bunch of bloggers to confirm that blogging will be killed off thanks to Techmeme. Not sure what sort of dope was going around the blogosphere at the time, but blogging seems to be doing just fine and will continue to do so, with or without Techmeme. Thanks goes out to everyone who participated in the poll. Now it’s time for another question.

This time, I want to know what operating system your using. The choices are Apple, Microsoft, or Linux and of course, Other which should take care of operating systems such as Lindows, Unix or a home grown OS.

5 thoughts on “Time For A New Poll

  1. I have to admit I was put in a unique position after my Mac was stolen. I had been using it for three weeks and poof, it was gone.

    So after I got my renter’s insurance check, I had a chance to buy a Windows machine. But I went with Mac. Those three weeks sure left a good impression.

  2. @Ronald Huereca Well, if you have a newer Mac, you have the chance to run Windows on the Mac platform which is apparently the best of both worlds. I’ve never used a Mac before, but if I ever purchase another notebook/laptop, it will most likely be a MacBook Pro.

  3. I picked both Windows and Linux.

    I think perhaps you should have specified if they were using Vista or XP, it would have been interesting to see the results of that as well with the others.

    I use Linux on most occasions (have not been lately do to my recent HD failure) when I do not require a Windows application.

    One difficulty with Linux is not being able to use Windows Live Writer. That is my favorite application to use for blogging. I also miss Photoshop as well.

    Virtualization is alright, but not ideal.

    I hope that one day that there will be serious open source competition for Photoshop. The GIMP is alright, but it just does not stack up against Photoshop yet.

  4. @James Mowery Hey James. That would of been interesting to have Vista or XP as choices but it never occurred to me. Maybe that will be my next poll.

    Have you tried any of the online photo editing services? Some of them have been reported to tout the features of Photoshop.

  5. Except, of course, Lindows is now called Linspire, and has always been a Linux distro.

    I’m a Windows PC guy too (with a Ubuntu Linux partition for dabbling), but I’ve always thought that if I bought a laptop, it would have to be a Macbook Pro also.

    I have tried some of the online photo services but they’ve all been very basic. I’d be interested if someone could recommend a particularly good one, but Photoshop is in a league of its own, IMO. GIMP is okay, but last time I used it, it didn’t even have 4 colour support. Now I think it does, but only through some clunky plugin.

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