3 thoughts on “Bill Maher Explains Early Adopters

  1. It was kind of funny. But if you trasfered what he said to paper you would realize the funniest bit is that the host is very talented in making things mildy funny hilarious.

    While the Nerd joke was funny the great thing is nerds can afford it. They are the ones bringing in 80k+ a year from being just that.

    There are the geeks, the same ones that petition when some game comes out 24 hours later than origionally thought, that would more than likely overreact to that.

    Electronics are way overpriced and who complans about getting it US price when people were buying them online at over 1k USD from around the world because “They couldn’t wait.”

    I for one think the Iphone is greatly overated. Just look at Japan’s mobile network. They spend about 600+ USD for their phones and many buy monthly insurance policies on them. In Japan a phone has so many functions it is treated much like buying a car.

    The coolest thing is all methods of buying and identification are encorperated into Cell phones. They just put there phone up to a pad and pay. Even vending machines!

    I really do like your site banner btw.

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