Get A Mac Misprint

Recently, PC World did a piece on how the fastest notebook to run Windows Vista was a Macbook Pro. Since that article has made it into the public, the Apple marketing department has jumped all over the opportunity to cash in on the review.

If I were Microsoft, I’d get Apple off my back and disable any way for an Apple based machine to run Microsoft software, including anything in a virtual environment. Microsoft can’t run Mac software, but Mac can run Microsoft software. Someone needs to pimp slap Steve Jobs.

2 thoughts on “Get A Mac Misprint

  1. I’m running XP on a Mac, and I have to say it’s the fastest I’ve seen that OS run. I wouldn’t install Vista on a Mac because I personally chose OSX in order not to upgrade to Vista.

  2. @Ronald Well then, your review coincides with the findings of PC World I guess. My argument makes it seem like I want to be able to run Mac apps on a Windows machine and that is not the case.

    I’m merely pointing out that the Mac can run Windows but not vice versa and I think that is wrong.

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