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Thanks to Small Potatoes of I have 50 free accounts to give away to his special WordPress themes club. This club only cost $5.00 to join but guarantees you at least 12 WordPress themes. Considering the themes that SP has already developed, this is a very affordable way to gain access to some premium quality WordPress designs.

However, you will have to earn a free membership by participating in the Contribute To WordPress Contest.

The rules are simple. The first 50 people who leave a comment describing a UNIQUE way of contributing to WordPress will receive a free WPDesigner theme coupon. When I say unique, I mean, don’t copy and paste something into the comment field. Come up with something on your own.

Ok, go ahead and let the imaginative juices flow.

25 thoughts on “Contribute To WordPress Contest

  1. @Chris Johnston Nah, you followed the rules. I was merely joking with the comment about not being surprised. As for the coupons, I’ll be handing them out on a case by case basis once they are generated for me.

  2. On the holy night of each new WP release all WordPress members who have reached the level of guruism shall get together around the sacred flame of the WordCamp fire and bestow blessings of good code hacking on all who come after them.

    In the debauchery that ensuses after the last Matt Chant those of us that are of the neophite class shall go forth and spread the good word of this new birth through all the blogs of the blogosphere.

    think that would help? :)

  3. As in, does it have to be legal, and morally acceptable, or does anything that advances WordPress’s dominance count?

    I’m not suggesting I will offer anything that isn’t but a few things came to mind and I thought I would offer you the opportunity to exclude them sooner rather than later.

  4. @Steven HodsonLOL, that was way beyond unique :) I think I’ll sum that up as, (spread the word when a new version of WP is released)

    @Andrew Ok, yes it does have to be morally and legally acceptable. If there are any doubts, one can submit what they have on mind and I’ll verify whether it fits in or not.

  5. OK, well here goes:

    I believe a plugin could be developed that would use web services to connect every instance of WordPress. Once connected the unused processor capacity could be used in a processing cloud to analyse every post in order to develop a set of heuristic assumptions and premises upon which a probabilistic decision making process could be based, leading to the first globally connected artificial intelligence and an end to spam forever.

  6. @Joost de Valk Hey Joost, thanks for stopping by. As for your submission, are you basically saying that offering your skills or expertise within an area would be your way of contributing overall to WordPress?

  7. One idea that I had in mind was:
    Comments moderation over phone like voicemail.
    Comments database can be connected to a voip enabled webserver. You can “call in” to the server using a SIP number, and a text-to-speech engine reads you the comments (of course after authentication, verbally or otherwise) one by one and you can take moderation actions over them.

  8. Another idea that just popped in, based on my previous one.
    The same setup can also be used for making simple posts. A speech-to-text engine sitting on the server can “type” and publish the posts that you dictate to it over phone.
    Won’t it be cool for the days when u dont have a net connection.
    PS: I wish this tech was available right now as I’m going away for a week with no connection and not enough time to write a week’s posts in advance..

  9. Jeffro: yes, through my mailing-list for instance, I help people get more out of their WordPress, thus increasing the community and the size of it, which is better for WordPress as a whole.

  10. I don’t know that I contribute anything to WordPress but I am sure glad to have found a platform to express myself from and to see what other’s in the big wide world are up to…

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