StartupSchwag Puts TechCrunch On My Chest

Yesterday, I was greeted by a FedEx man who handed me a package that contained my complimentary StartUpSchwag that I wrote about back in September. ( From ValleySchwag To StartupSchwag ) Inside the package: one yellow squishy star, one CAKE sticker, one sticker and of course, my very own Michael Arrington approved TechCrunch T-Shirt.

The shirt I received was a large TechCrunch colored green T-Shirt made out of 100% Cotton. The brand name of TechCrunch was printed on the chest part of the shirt in a combination of white and black letters on a green background. The quality appears to be top notch but I’ll have a better understanding after I wash it a few times as a washer can wreak havoc on a new T-Shirt. Personally, I think this T-Shirt would look wonderful on Tim, but I’m sure he would find other uses for it.

If you were thinking about paying the subscription to receive such items from a surprise company each month, I’d say it’s worth it. The worst that could happen is that you ONLY receive a Tshirt. That’s ok, because that is pretty much what your paying for to begin with. Everything else is just complimentary.

Below is a small video review of the schwag I received. It’s not much but I think its better than nothing. Also posted below are a few photos I took. Click on any of the photos to see a larger size.

100_1524 100_1518 100_1520

Schwag Is Almost Here

StartupSchwag Logo

StartupSchag the successor to Valleyschwag that I wrote about here, ( From ValleySchwag To StartupSchwag ) will be shipping their first batch of schwag starting on Thursday/Friday. This means that the schwag should start arriving on your doorstep starting on October 16th.

Thanks to the guys at StartupSchwag as they have sent me a care package for review. I’ll be taking photos of the entire process from obtaining the package all the way to wearing the product. Stay tuned for that.

Create Your Own Twitter Shirt Logo gives users of the chance to design a shirt where the text can be customized to suit your purpose. The shirts are $20.00 each and come in the following colors: white, light blue, organic, pink, silver, asphalt, olive and black. T shirt sizes range from small to extra large and are made out of 100% cotton, so you may want to purchase one size bigger than you need to compensate for shrinkage.

Creating a shirt is a 6 step process. Users begin by choosing a topic for their shirt. In my case, I chose Technology. The next step is to choose a slogan. Although Reactee provides quite a few slogan templates pertaining to the category, I decided to take the custom route and created my own. “Blogging The Webolution

Adding My Twitter Name

The next step requires me to provide a Reactee Keyword which is used for contacting my shirt. Not sure what that means yet but I’ll look into it as I’m sure, shirts can’t talk. Next to the Reactee Keyword tab is a Twitter tab. If you have a Twitter account, this is where you put in your Twitter username. Next, we have the option of choosing an image as we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. I chose an image of the United States. The last step in the process is to provide additional text which is also optional. I selected the text template “To Subscribe” for my additional text template.

Activating The Shirt

Now it’s time to activate the shirt. Apparently, this shirt is alive. If users send a text message from their phone to my Reactee TShirt, they will receive a response with my Twitter Status. After completely activating the TShirt, Reactee then gives me the option to order the shirt.

Interesting service which gives users the ability to customize their own Twitter shirts. The idea of text messaging a shirt is rather strange but whatever floats your boat I suppose. I’m thinking about purchasing the shirt I created because I sort of like the design. Tell me what you think.

Jeffro2pt0 Twitter Shirt

From ValleySchwag To StartupSchwag Logo

If any of you were fans of ValleySchwag, I’m sure your excited to see StartupSchwag. Roddy claims he has studied and learned from the mistakes of ValleySchwag and will be focusing on TShirts rather than everything else. Like it’s predecessor, StartupSchwag will be a surprise, web 2.0 Tshirt of the month club. Roddy has also stated that if there are any other schwag items such as ( stickers, lanyards, ect ) that they would be given out. Whenever those items would disappear, Tshirts would always be available.

The first set of schwag featured on the site is from TechCrunch. Go figure. The cost of joining the club in the U.S. is $19.55 which includes the standard $14.95 fee and $4.60 for Shipping and Handling. For Canadian or Mexican residents, the cost is $23.50 while International residents will be paying $25.40. The only item your guaranteed to receive each month is a Tshirt, but every now and then you might pick up a mystery bag filled with goodies. I think it’s a reasonable price if your into this kind of apparel.

On a related note, I have to admit that I have seen quite a bit of demand for items such as Web 2.0 inspired Tshirts, startup stickers, web 2.0 startup hoodies, all kinds of weird apparel so people can flaunt their favorite companies. If your looking at getting into the apparel business, Web 2.0 inspired clothing is a niche market which seems very ripe for the picking right now. If you happen to launch a company that specializes in Web 2.0 apparel or if you know of one that already exists, by all means let me know.