Schwag Is Almost Here

StartupSchwag Logo

StartupSchag the successor to Valleyschwag that I wrote about here, ( From ValleySchwag To StartupSchwag ) will be shipping their first batch of schwag starting on Thursday/Friday. This means that the schwag should start arriving on your doorstep starting on October 16th.

Thanks to the guys at StartupSchwag as they have sent me a care package for review. I’ll be taking photos of the entire process from obtaining the package all the way to wearing the product. Stay tuned for that.

3 thoughts on “Schwag Is Almost Here

  1. Care package? You got some connections Jeff! Can’t wait to see what you got! I’m really looking forward to my first box, I need some schwag!

  2. Be great to know what you get Jeff. Being here in Oz makes joining up pretty expensive so I am not joining up anytime soon. So it will be good to know what I am missing out on!

    What’s in the “Care Package”?

  3. To be honest Dave, the only thing I know I’ll be receiving for sure is a Tshirt and if I remember correctly from my initial review, the first company that was going to be featured was Tech Crunch.

    I think I made you cringe with that last mention of Tech Crunch.

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