StartupSchwag Puts TechCrunch On My Chest

Yesterday, I was greeted by a FedEx man who handed me a package that contained my complimentary StartUpSchwag that I wrote about back in September. ( From ValleySchwag To StartupSchwag ) Inside the package: one yellow squishy star, one CAKE sticker, one sticker and of course, my very own Michael Arrington approved TechCrunch T-Shirt.

The shirt I received was a large TechCrunch colored green T-Shirt made out of 100% Cotton. The brand name of TechCrunch was printed on the chest part of the shirt in a combination of white and black letters on a green background. The quality appears to be top notch but I’ll have a better understanding after I wash it a few times as a washer can wreak havoc on a new T-Shirt. Personally, I think this T-Shirt would look wonderful on Tim, but I’m sure he would find other uses for it.

If you were thinking about paying the subscription to receive such items from a surprise company each month, I’d say it’s worth it. The worst that could happen is that you ONLY receive a Tshirt. That’s ok, because that is pretty much what your paying for to begin with. Everything else is just complimentary.

Below is a small video review of the schwag I received. It’s not much but I think its better than nothing. Also posted below are a few photos I took. Click on any of the photos to see a larger size.

100_1524 100_1518 100_1520

4 thoughts on “StartupSchwag Puts TechCrunch On My Chest

  1. Dude, I couldn’t even be bothered to take a photo of my schwag and you VIDEO yours. Hats off!
    I live in the UK and subscribe, it’s still a pretty cheap T-shirt even with £1=$2 exchange rates.

  2. @Steve OMGTees Thanks. I promised Roddy I would take a video as well as some pictures so folks would be able to sort of get a representation of the quality and design of the Tshirt.

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