Two New Pages Added


I just wanted to let everyone know that I have updated the icon set in the top right hand corner of the site. The navigational area now includes two new icons. The I or information icon links to an About Jeffro2pt0 page that I have put together which gives you a bit of background history of the site. I’ve also included information about me because after all, I’m a human being, not a bot.

I’ve also included a dedicated page for WordPress Weekly. This is represented by the Ipod icon. Keep in mind, you don’t need an actual Ipod to listen to the podcast. I used the icon because it was the closest thing to a Podcast that I could find within the icon pack. This page will house all of the detailed information regarding how to participate, what the show is about, and how to listen/subscribe to the show.

As a side note, I have also installed WP-Cache over the weekend. Let me know if this has helped to decrease the loading time of the site.

At any rate, this was just a FYI for those out their that visit the actual website, not the feed.

Glossy Blue Vector Icons

BlueglassVectorIcons has released a slick looking set of glossy blue vector icons. These icons have a set transparency between 70-80% which means you can use them on a white shape or white background layer. Using them on a dark background may show some white edges. The size of the icon pack is 1.2 mb and comes in the following formats: eps + png with transparent bg.

Click here to download the pack.

Drowning In Icons


NerdBusiness has created quite the link bait post which I have fallen for which contains 5,798 high quality icons for use on the web, within applications or RSS. This is by far, one of the biggest, most organized icon posts I have seen to date. All of the icons within this post are free. However, all of the icons listed within this article are the largest size within the pack and are of .jpg format. That means that if you use the jpg image on a white background, it will probably look ok. But if you want to use these icons on a different colored background, make sure you visit the authors home page and download the respective .PNG icons.

Iconize Your TextLinks Via CSS

I came across this nifty CSS trick today on that adds an icon to the end of a link to let you know what sort of link it represents. For instance, if you link to a PDF file, a small adobe PDF icon will appear at the end of the link. Or, lets say you link to a .TXT file. A small TXT icon appears at the end of the link.

Icons At The End Of Links

According to the directions you’re supposed to:

Download the .zip file, upload the CSS and the icons to your webspace and integrate the CSS in your Website, Blog or whatever. Done. You can easily replace the icons or add more extensions and sites. Enjoy!

If adding icons to the end of links would help YOU out in terms of reading this blog, let me know and I’ll be glad to implement this into the site.

Impressive Free Icon Sets By DryIcons

It’s not too often when you come across free sets of icons that have that professional look too them. DryIcons has at least 5 Free available icon packs that simply look gorgeous. One of my favorite packs by DryIcons, is the Ruby Multimedia set.


This set features 13 high quality icons depicting media equipment such as a web cam, headphones, mouse, digital camera, ect.

Then, there is the WYSIWYG Sapphire icon set. These icons would be perfect for anyone developing their own WYSIWYG text editor. 47 icons are featured in this set.

Wysiwyg Sapphire

Next up is the WYSIWYG Classic set. This set is the same as the one above, except it doesn’t have that blue Sapphire touch.

wysiwyg classic

Blue Velvet is a high quality icon set that you would use on your own website. This set contains 86 icons and features buttons that can be used as a means of communicating a specific purpose.

Blue Velvet

Aesthetica is the big one. This set features 160 icons and contains everything from media player buttons, to all sorts of operating system icons.