GenFavIcon Another Fav Icon Generator


The internet can never have enough Fav icon generators. Introducing GenFavIcon. As you might of guessed it, GenFavIcon is a Favorites icon generator. Fav icons are those images that come in 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 128×128 in size that represent a website. The unofficial standard for fav icons is 16X16. If you have ever seen a 128X128 fav icon, let me know. At any rate, GenFavIcon makes creating an icon for your site a three step process.

The first step involves directly linking to a an image or you can click on the BROWSE button and upload an image from your machine. The only file formats supported right now are.jpeg, .gif, and .png If you choose to upload an image from your local machine, make sure it is under 4 megs in size or it won’t be processed.


After uploading the image, the live preview square displays your image with an already predetermined cropping box. After you decide which part of the image you would like to crop, make sure you click on the drop down box and select the size you want to use for your icon.


After you click the Capture and Preview button, your favicon will be displayed in the Step 3 box along with two links. One link points to the actual .ico file and the other link points to the image. If you plan on using the icon you created, on your site, download the .ico file and upload that to your root directory.

Step 3

Thats about all there is to it.

Web Script Labs – Ideas Into Scripts

Turning Ideas Into ScriptsWeb Script Labs takes an Ajax loader generator, Favicon generator and a Web 2.0 Domain Name Generator and places them into one, nice location for you to generate some Web 2.0 goodness.


The Ajax loading GIF generator provides users with a wealth of different indicators to use as their animation. Aside from the indicator, users can select the background color, whether or not the background will be transparent, the foreground color and finally the speed of the animation. Using the 3D rotation indicator, this is what I came up with.

3D Rotation Indicator

The Favicon generator does exactly that, generates favicons. This particular favicon generator will take any image you upload and turn it into a 16X16 or 32X32 favicon. If you want to create a transparent favicon, make sure you use a .PNG file or a .GIF file. While Photoshop requires you to install a .ICO plugin in order to save images as .ICO files, this generator automatically saves the images in .ICO format. Here is what I created using the 16X16 and 32X32 settings respectively.

16X16 Favicon 32X32 Icon File

Last but not least is the Web 2.0 Domain Generator. This one is fairly simple. Click the Generate button and after watching the flashy ajax loader animation you’ll receive what could be the name of your next startup. On the first try, I ended up with the result of Blognation. However, it appears as though and is taken. My second attempt landed me the name Skita. is taken but is available. Not sure I like that name anyways.


There are quite a few generators out on the web if you look hard enough but what I would love to see is Web Script Lab take all of those other Web 2.0 specific generators and lump them into a single page/product. That would be pretty cool. Although most of the generators were created as a joke, some of them are actually quite useful such as the striped background generator and the Web 2.0 color palette generator. Head on over to and start generating stuff!