Impressive Free Icon Sets By DryIcons

It’s not too often when you come across free sets of icons that have that professional look too them. DryIcons has at least 5 Free available icon packs that simply look gorgeous. One of my favorite packs by DryIcons, is the Ruby Multimedia set.


This set features 13 high quality icons depicting media equipment such as a web cam, headphones, mouse, digital camera, ect.

Then, there is the WYSIWYG Sapphire icon set. These icons would be perfect for anyone developing their own WYSIWYG text editor. 47 icons are featured in this set.

Wysiwyg Sapphire

Next up is the WYSIWYG Classic set. This set is the same as the one above, except it doesn’t have that blue Sapphire touch.

wysiwyg classic

Blue Velvet is a high quality icon set that you would use on your own website. This set contains 86 icons and features buttons that can be used as a means of communicating a specific purpose.

Blue Velvet

Aesthetica is the big one. This set features 160 icons and contains everything from media player buttons, to all sorts of operating system icons.