PicoBuzz – Another Twitter Buzz Chart

PicoBuzz Site Logo

There are literally tons of people using Twitter these days. However, keeping track of the buzz is difficult unless you use a website such as PicoBuzz.com. PicoBuzz.com is setup in a similar fashion as music billboards. The chart showcases the buzzword, current spot, last spot, and at least five people who mentioned that buzzword on twitter with a link to see more tweets referring to the word.

PicoBuzz Billboard

Some of the buzzwords mentioned in todays chart are lunch, coffee, indiana jones, wii, and facebook. Outside of getting a glance as to what the TwitterVerse is talking about, PicoBuzz really doesn’t do much else.

MyBlogLog Buzz Tracker Explained

MyBlogLog LogoThe What’s Hot In My Communities section of your MyBlogLog Profile is an easy way to track buzz worthy info but, how does MBL decide what’s hot and what’s not?

Simply put, the links you see within this area of your user profile represent the most popular links within YOUR MYBLOGLOG COMMUNITIES. If you are seeing links to porn sites or sites you deem unacceptable, the only way to remove them, is to find out which community your apart of that is posting that link, or information related to that link and leave that community.

If your thinking that tracking down the culprits within your large number of communities would be nothing more than a hassle, your in for some great news. MyBlogLog has added an interesting feature to their buzz tracker in the form of a question mark. This question mark will finally give MyBlogLog users the ability to figure out where those buzzworthy links are coming from.

Figure Out Where Those Links Are Coming From

For instance, let’s say you don’t want links such as Fox.com to show up in your list. You would simply click on the (?) and figure out which sites are posting this link and leave their community.

Search And Destroy

According to the question mark, the site Casual Keystrokes, is the culprit behind this link. As an MBL user, you would look for that community within your list of favorites and click on the LEAVE COMMUNITY button.

It’s really neat to see how this all works and it’s nice that Robyn Tippins has finally published an article that easily explains the process. I have to agree that, clicking on these questions marks is half the fun in trying to figure out why they are creating so much buzz. Give it a shot and let me know what you’ve discovered.

WebSlides – Bookmarking Of The Future?

Webslides.com Logo

Monitoring my feeds, I’ve noticed there has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding a service called WebSlides. WebSlides is brought to you by the same folks that are behind Diigo, one of many social bookmarking services that are on the net. WebSlides allows users to take their bookmarks and turn them into a slide show.

Some of the uses for this service as stated by Diigo include:

  • Create a guided tour for any website
  • Show a list of houses to real estate clients
  • Review a list of job candidates found online
  • Bundle important course resources for students
  • Assemble all the pages on a specific family line.
  • Provide guided use cases for potential customers
  • Share the favorite places you would like to visit with your friends and blog readers
  • Provide a quick briefing, a simple tutorial or guided tour on any subject.

Here is an introductory video highlighting the service and what it’s capable of.

The ideas and the possibilities, do seem endless. The service is currently in an invite-only stage of life however, I have signed up and if they provide me with an invitation, I’ll be sure to provide you with an in depth review.

BlogWorthy – Tech In Demand

TechInDemand.com Logo

A good friend of mine, James Mowery has started up his own blog, Tech In Demand, which deals with Technology, a sprinkling of Web 2.0 and buzz worthy insight. James was at one time a contributing editor to Mashable.com and was responsible for this post, Online Productivity Toolbox: 30+ Resources to Get Things Done which received quite a number of Diggs. James certainly knows what he’s talking about and I highly encourage you to check out his project. He’s made it into my FeedReader, who’s next?

Crank Up The TweetVolume

TweetVolume.com LogoI recently discovered this site by accident and although it’s use is fairly simple, it gives the user a chance to look deep inside in the Twitterverse.

TweetVolume is a service which uses a combination of Twitter and Google to visually show how many times a word or phrase has been used on the Twitter Network. Although the Twitter userbase makes up a small portion of the Internet, it is quite entertaining to figure out what the GENERAL interests are within the Twitter community.

TweetVolume in action showing how many times the words Tea, Coffee and Water have appeared on Twitter

For instance, Coffee appears over 15,000 times while Tea appears only 5,010 times and Water only appears 3,920 times. Therefor, it is safe to assume that the majority of Twitter users are coffee drinkers. It’s also interesting to note that the word Lunch appears over 17,000 times which is the highest amount when compared with other times of the day. So now we know what workers are really doing on their lunch breaks.

If I had one suggestion, it would be to somehow someway include the actual Twitter message or messages that included the searched term. This set of results could also be complimented by the username who created the message and then the username could link to their Twitter page. Think of these as Twitter Referral links which would show the actual post that the word was used in. I think that would be pretty cool.

I’ve already spent an hour dabbling with the service and I’m sure I will probably waste even more time trying to figure out what the buzz is all about within the Twitterverse. Give it a shot and report back with your findings!