BlogWorthy – Tech In Demand Logo

A good friend of mine, James Mowery has started up his own blog, Tech In Demand, which deals with Technology, a sprinkling of Web 2.0 and buzz worthy insight. James was at one time a contributing editor to and was responsible for this post, Online Productivity Toolbox: 30+ Resources to Get Things Done which received quite a number of Diggs. James certainly knows what he’s talking about and I highly encourage you to check out his project. He’s made it into my FeedReader, who’s next?

Pownce Users Soliciting Diggs Kevin Rose's New Startup

Here is an interesting story I came across via Mashable Apparently, Pownce users are beginning to use their accounts to solicit diggs. It’s interesting because, has recently implemented features that try to prohibit lobbying such as removing the top digg users list. The tactic being used on Pownce seems to be working and it will be interesting to see if Kevin Rose allows it to continue.

The last thing I would want to see on Pownce is pages and pages full of PLEASE DIGG posts. What do you think of the situation?