WebSlides – Bookmarking Of The Future?

Webslides.com Logo

Monitoring my feeds, I’ve noticed there has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding a service called WebSlides. WebSlides is brought to you by the same folks that are behind Diigo, one of many social bookmarking services that are on the net. WebSlides allows users to take their bookmarks and turn them into a slide show.

Some of the uses for this service as stated by Diigo include:

  • Create a guided tour for any website
  • Show a list of houses to real estate clients
  • Review a list of job candidates found online
  • Bundle important course resources for students
  • Assemble all the pages on a specific family line.
  • Provide guided use cases for potential customers
  • Share the favorite places you would like to visit with your friends and blog readers
  • Provide a quick briefing, a simple tutorial or guided tour on any subject.

Here is an introductory video highlighting the service and what it’s capable of.

The ideas and the possibilities, do seem endless. The service is currently in an invite-only stage of life however, I have signed up and if they provide me with an invitation, I’ll be sure to provide you with an in depth review.