Whats Up With Migratr


Alex has written a post detailing what’s been going on in terms of development for his nifty online photo migration tool – Migratr.

For 1.0 I’d REALLY like to have Webshots and Zooomr supported. Both are, however, being unusually silent regarding API keys. This is especially frustrating from Zooomr, as they posted to the dev group a month ago saying they were going to start handing out API keys, I put in a request, and STILL haven’t heard from them.

Migratr has evolved far beyond its original incarnation as a Flickr > Zooomr migration utility, but until I have Zooomr added to my roster, I won’t be able to consider Migratr a full 1.0 release.

Migratr is an awesome piece of software that lets you backup and migrate your online photos from one service to another, as long as support for that service is built into Migratr. If you want to read a detailed review of this software check out ( Migratr – Backup And Migrate Your Online Photos ) In fact, I used this program 15 minutes ago to download all of the photos I have hosted on my Flickr account.

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