51 Creative RSS Buttons

Bloggers Journey has an interesting post today which is nothing more than 51 different RSS buttons that you can use on your blog. They range from the typical RSS orange square to the huge RSS orb. Do you find it weird that I don’t have any big orange RSS icons on this blog? I guess I’m different that way.

At any rate, here are some of the icons featured on the site.

51 RSS Icons

4 thoughts on “51 Creative RSS Buttons

  1. Wow, I like those even better than the previous ones, lol, glad I didn’t spend time with the other ones.

    I really am wishing I could create something like that.

    It really makes me want to fire up AI and try something. Another great find :)

  2. @James Mowery Yeah, I’m sort of glad I’m not part of the ICON frenzy because their is something better being posted to the web everyday. They just keep getting better and more creative.

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