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Looks like the WordPress Plugin called ShareThis has some competition in the form of a widget. AddToAny is a service that you can use to make it easy for your visitors to subscribe to your content. Creating a button for your site is easy. There are two types of buttons you can make. One for your specific webpage or, for your RSS feed. For my example, I’m using my RSS feed.

AddToAny Feed Button Creation

Once you type in your information, you can obtain the javascript code by clicking on the GET BUTTON CODE button. Here is what my example looks like: Subscribe

Once of the cool things about this button is that when you hover over it, a big list of bookmarking services are presented as links. This makes it easy for you to cover alot of ground by using one image, instead of having a different image for each service which would make your blog look like a mess.

AddToAny works pretty much in the same way that works. is the one I use and have used for quite some time. I use that in conjunction with ShareThis so there shouldn’t be any issues in saving a particular item on this blog to a bookmarking service or feed reader of your choice.

a2a_linkname=”Jeffro2pt0 – A Blog About Stuff”;a2a_linkurl=”″;

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