10 thoughts on “Got Any?

  1. Man. How many different energy drinks can you get?

    I noticed Coke’s mother is always on special at our stores. Gets me thinking that it’s a big flop, not selling well, and they’re trying to clear their stock.

  2. @Mike Energy drinks are a big business in the U.S. Not sure why. I usually stick to Mountain Dew or MDX. I took a picture of this can and then did the rest in Photoshop. What do you think?

  3. Two words: Game Fuel

    I can’t find any though :(

    I think they have decided to stop selling it, because I can not find it anywhere here.

    Root Beer is the other drink that I like.

    Energy drinks just do not work for me.

  4. @James Mowery I work at a grocery store and I know of 4 people who have asked me if we carry game Fuel. We used to around the launch of Halo3 but since then, it’s been all gone. I haven’t seen it anywhere.

  5. Sierra says:

    muwhaha…we still gots Game Fuel :) now Wal-Mart sells it b/c it use to be only Schnucks (grocery store) and Target O_O…now we gots it everywhere! :) …we have A LOT of gamers out here >_< Mountain Dew is amazing :)

  6. +1 to Mountain Dew. The drink of choice for Jewish people living in the mountains. :P

    In Australia they have quite a few energy drinks too. Mother, V, Red Bull, Wild, Safari, SuperMan… etc.

    At one stage they even had an energy version of Sprite. They had the cool new long neck can, kinda like a can of Red Bull, but longer. Which later became the minimalistic Coke can.

    What we don’t get any more of is Jolt Cola. That was a damn fine beverage. The taste of cola, with the energy of Red Bull.

  7. @Mike I never did get the chance to try out Jolt Cola. I remember a long time ago, there was a soda called JOSTA. That was pretty good. I also remember something called SURGE. That was also pretty good.

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