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Aaron over at Milienzo.com has published his first ever WordPress Plugin entitled ‘I Love Social Bookmarking‘. I love social bookmarking gives your readers a chance to submit your site/articles to various social bookmarking services via a tidy drop-down list.

Screenshot of the plugin in action:

Screenshot Of The Plugin

Version 0.1b is a pre-release trial version released to eliminate bugs and identify popular feature requests before a general public release. If you’d like to help me test this version please install it and let me know of any problems you encounter or additional features you’d like to see included.

Personally, I enjoy using the ShareThis plugin as it provides many more options than Milienzo’s plugin, including the option of emailing the post. However, this is his first ever plugin so it will be interesting to see where he takes this. Milienzio, my advice is to look at what ShareThis has to offer and see if you can improve upon that.

2 thoughts on “Icon Based Social Bookmarking Plugin

  1. Hi Jeffro, many thanks for mentioning my plugin and for the suggestions. ILSB does provide icons for most of the social media services which Share This does, plus a few others too. It also has the ability to switch off certain icons. The idea is not to give the reader an exhaustive list off all icons, but just a few targeted icons.

    I think the email idea is a good one and I’ll certainly investigate implementing this in future releases.

    Many thanks

  2. Hey Aaron. No problem on mentioning your plugin. I didn’t know that your plugin actually support all of those other social bookmarking services as the demo on your site only showed a few icons such as Digg and Stumbleupon.

    Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your plugin improvements. For your first one, it’s pretty darn good.

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