Break Down Of Communication

Ever notice how a good conversation on a forum or blog will usually take a nose dive? What was once an informative exchange of information turns into a slug fest with expletives being tossed around left and right with someone usually being referred to as a nazi. I’ve learned that the term for this breakdown in communication is called ‘Godwin’s Law’.

Back in 1990, Mike Godwin of the EFF noted a feature of online discussion groups: As a thread gathered steam, members would start hurling insults and inevitably someone would be compared to Adolf Hitler. Hence Godwins Law. The longer an online conversation continues, the greater the possibility of a reference to Nazis. Usually at this point, the conversation is over.

Although this video doesn’t highlight the comparison to Adolf Hitler, it does a nice job of showing just how communication breaks down.

Viewer Voices: Where We Respond To The Opinions Of Our Uninformed Viewers

3 thoughts on “Break Down Of Communication

  1. Sierra says:

    I use to go on a lot of forums and noticed the same thing–they always go down south. A simple question of what’s your favorite anime on an anime forum turns into a you are a stupid MOFO for liking “x” anime and you should die…(sorry for the anime reference thats the only thing I could think of) I think people just get bored and end up wanting to annoy/offend people :( It is annoying.

  2. Sierra, like yourself I’ve also been on numerous forums where I’ve seen a conversation start off great but when I browsed to the last page of posts, I find out the flaming is well underway and it usually forces the moderators to close the topic.

    Imagine how much flaming must go on, on a political forum. I bet thats a hotbed of insults.

  3. …political forums are just asking for it–but thats my opinion lol. anyways…I hate it when someone bashes a blog–I’m just like they took the time to write that and you have the balls to write shit? and vlogs–why get bent out of shape? >_<

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