I Miss Watching Hummingbirds

We’re just a few days before the official start of Winter and I already miss sitting on the patio, watching various hummingbirds hover around for a drink at the feeder. At least there’s plenty of YouTube videos to hold me over.

We’ve never seen more than one or two hummingbirds at a time at our feeder. In fact, the males appear to be territorial and chase others away before more they can get comfortable. This year, we noticed one male and one female in particular use our feeder multiple times a day. It was pretty cool to watch.

The Invigorating Smell Of Summer Night Air

It’s 2AM and I just let the dog out to do her business. It’s the beginning of August. There’s a part of the moon touching the horizon and as I take a deep breath, I can smell everything the summer night has to offer. It’s invigorating, refreshing, energizing. One of the best times of the year besides a crisp Autumn night. As always, before I get caught up in the moment, I realize the dog is done doing her business. Time to go back inside.