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Today was quite the surprise for me. When I woke up, I had an email in my inbox from James Mowery, a contributing editor for letting me know that a position had opened up. I don’t know the entire set of circumstances involved, but Raj Dash has decided to step down, away from Performancing. Just a few days ago, I sent off an email to James inquiring about some specifics regarding his job their. I asked if he thought I had what it took to write there and he believed I did.

Thanks to James and his references to me to the manager for Performancing, I was able to talk with Ryan Caldwell today and learned that I will be able to do a one month trial run to write for during the month of June. I’ve talked with a few people already about the position and they all agreed that it was a good position to take, considering how large of a site Performancing is, along with the amount of traffic the site receives.

So starting Monday, I will be writing for them. I will still do WordPress Weekly and I plan on publishing posts on this blog whenever I can, mostly on the weekends. If all goes well for me during the month of June, I’ll be writing for Performancing with James full time. James and I have talked before. He and I have quite a bit in common and I think both of us writing on the same site at the same time could only produce great things.

So thats the update from me. Stick around and see what happens as I take advice from my own blog post about creating opportunities through blogging.