The Rise of Social Co-working Spaces in Exotic Locations

‘More young people want work-life balance,” she said. “Maybe vacations completely unconnected are not feasible anymore; maybe people won’t take traditional vacations. But they can go to work in paradise for two months.’

Companies, too, are drawn to the intimate communal areas, amenities and activities of co-working/co-living spaces. Nine remote-working employees of Automattic, a web development corporation gathered for a work meetup this month at the Surf Office in Gran Canaria, taking over the 10-room property for six days “to build relationships, have real-time interaction and also work on projects that are best done in person,” the company said.

The New York Times on the rise of social co-working spaces in exotic locations. Co-working in nice places is a treat for distributed workers, but I bet having people with similar interests in the same space exponentially enhances a person’s productivity instead of being a lone wolf. Maybe I just like saying I work alone with my most badass voice.


Why Apprenticeships Are Important For Distributed Workers

HBR had an awesome podcast called “Learning What Wiser Workers Know,” basically all about transferring and sharing institutional knowledge, and it boils down to this: nothing is more effective than apprenticeships.

If you think about it, when someone is coaching you, they are parsing all of the institutional knowledge into nuggets they can share with you at exactly the right time. Think of it as a hypercontexual search engine for work information, tailored just for you. We make sure every new member of our team has a buddy for exactly that reason.

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