Texty Rolls Out Anticipated Updates

Texty.com LogoThe easy content creation service known as Texty which I reviewed here, Simple Content Creation Using Texty, has rolled out some anticipated updates. One of those updates fixed the Google SEO problem so many users mentioned.

In each Texty edit object under “Advanced Secret Options” you can now input the URL where you plan to post your Texty. Texty claims their indexing techniques will ensure your content will be crawled by search engine spiders which was a missing feature that turned quite a few newcomers away from using the service. They have also added a privacy feature in case you wouldn’t want your content to be indexed. Before you publish your Texty Note, click the “Private” button.

New Texty Features

One of the other updates that were featured in this release is the ability to add a DIGG function to anyone of your Texty notes. This control can be found within the Advanced Options tab. I’m not sure if you’ll ever see a Texty reach the front page of DIGG but hey, it’s worth a shot.

Meebo Celebrates Pirate Day

Meebo.com Logo

Considering Meebo was one of the first IM clients to feature a pirate emoticon (type the letter P followed by a right parenthesis “P), it’s only natural that they celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day Last year, Meebo enabled Pirate Speak, where if you type “pirateon” your IMs will be translated into pirate lingo. This year, Meebo has enabled users to select a special pirate buddy icon.

we’ve enabled you to show off your pirate pride by choosing a special pirate buddy icon! We’ve added three new buddy icons that are only available for a few days. If you sign in with a meebo account, you’ll be able to select one of these new pirate faces from the buddy icon chooser on the upper left area of your console.

Netscape Finalizes Changes

Propller.com Logo

Netscape is reporting that they have completed their planned changes to the Netscape.com website. According to Tom Drapeau, the Propeller social news experience will not be going away. Instead, within the next few weeks, Propeller content will be seen on both the Netscape.com portal and AOL News. Netscape also goes on to apologize about the recent performance issues, assuring users that they are hard at work trying to figure those out.

Tom did give us a little bit of insight into their new social news platform:

In the near future, we will be able to share information about our new social news platform, which we are extremely excited about. It will bring together the best of all worlds: a world class design team, an advanced website platform, and a host of new and interesting ways to enjoy social news

Keep an eye on Propeller.com It will be interesting to see if this site is successful or not.

Revver Pays Out 1 Million Dollars

Revver LogoRevver, one of the first video sharing sites to share revenue with it’s userbase have announced they have paid 1 million dollars to video creaters and sharers.

To coincide with this announcement is Revver’s one year anniversary. Doug Bresler, the creator of “Doogtoons” ended up being the one to receive an honorary check for the one millionth dollar earned.

Steven Starr, the founder of Revver shared his thoughts on user generated video,

“The time and place to be an independent creator is right now, online.” said Steven Starr,
founder and chairman of Revver. “Smart advertisers are financing an online economy
that supports these creators, and the top talent will build fortunes. This is historic: It is the
birth of a sustainable art form, and it’s happening before our eyes.”

I would have to whole heartedly agree. Bloggers, podcasters and video creators are developing brands. Those brands just happen to be “themselves” Those who become successful in the user generated space will probably net some pretty lucrative advertising deals. Here is a small bit of history concerning Revver.

Revver launched the 1.0 version of its site in September 2006 to foster the independent creator community emerging on the Internet. From the beginning, the Revver business model sought to reward these creators for sharing their work. By screening submissions and not accepting copyright-infringing content, Revver is able to monetize each and every video. The company’s performance-based advertising system also rewards video owners based on the popularity of their content without instituting barriers to entry. The result is the first open and effective marketplace for online video.

Congratulations to the users of Revver. Apparently, their ‘ad revenue sharing model’ is working. Here is a video showcasing the celebration.

First Big Move For Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight LogoAccording to AppScout, Microsoft has signed it’s first major deal involving Silverlight, Microsoft’s competitor to the Adobe Flash Player. The deal took place with Internap Network Services Corporation. The company will equip websites of several large radio groups with the Silverlight media player. Radio stations that will be participating in this deal include, Citadel Communications, Univision and Radio one.

This is great news for Microsoft as it could be the beginning of the end of the adobe flash player dominance. From everything I’ve read thus far, Silverlight is said to be the flash player of choice as it virtually eliminates the need to buffer before presenting the content. Between Silverlight and Adobe Flash,  which one do you think is going to win?

Netscape To Propel New Social News Outlet

Propeller Logo

After recently announcing the death of it’s social news outlet, Netscape has announced today that they will be migrating it’s http://netscape.aol.com/ site into it’s new home http://www.propeller.com/. As Tom puts it,

It is important to us that you feel empowered to choose how you want to consume your news and participate in the community. As we mentioned in a recent post, the Netscape.com site will soon be redirected to the new Netscape portal, a more traditional and editorially-driven news experience. It’s already live, so you can check it out now if you haven’t already. You’ll notice some elements of our social news site there in short order, so that it will be easy for you to go back and forth and engage in each if you like.

So Netscape will still maintain a social news experience, except this time, it will be on it’s own domain away from Netscape.com It will be interesting to see if Propeller ends up being any more successful then it’s predecessor.

Amazon Sponsoring Startup Contest

AmazonWebServices LogoAmazon Web Services announced that they will be holding a STARTUP Challenge, or a contest of the best startup using their own API. The winner will receive $50,000 cash as well as $50,000 worth of AWS credits.

The grand prize winner will also receive mentoring sessions from an AWS technical expert, and an investment offer from Amazon. Four second place winners will receive $5,000 in AWS credits, and anyone that qualifies in the contest will receive $25 of AWS credits.

Amazon is wanting developers to come up with original ideas while also leveraging the pay-as-you-go technology offered by AWS. I think all of us are looking for originality and this contest may be what is needed to spur at least a little innovation.

Interested developers (only US residents and privately-held companies based in the US may apply) can join at aws.amazon.com/startupchallenge no later than 11:59 P.M. (PT) on October 28, 2007.

WikiPedia Hits 2 Million Pages

WikiePedia.org LogoThe most popular, sometimes controversial online encyclopedia, Wikipedia has achieved another milestone today with 2 million user generated pages. The article which lays claim to the title had something to do with El Hormiguero, which detailed a Spanish Television show which went by the same name.

To lay credence to the information in Wikipedia, most of the searches I perform in Google contain at least one or two results from Wikipedia on the front page of search results. That has to stand for something. Congratulations to WikiPedia for the milestone, here’s to 2 million more pages!

Google Reader Has Impressive Numbers

GoogleReader LogoThe hot news item of the day seems to center around a leaked GoogleVideo which was supposed to be a training video for ‘Noogles’ or new Google employees. The video contained quite a few interesting tidbits of information.

* Google Reader has two kinds of feeds:
– feeds that have one subscriber (two thirds from the number of feeds, they’re updated every 3 hours)
– feeds that have more than one subscriber (these feeds are updated every hour)

* Google Reader uses 10 TB for storing all the raw data

* Google Reader crawls 8 million feeds

* Google Reader is the only major feed reader that keeps the entire history for all the feeds.

* many Google applications use Google Reader’s infrastructure for feeds: iGoogle, orkut, Gmail’s web clips, Blogger widgets, Google Spreadsheets, Ajax API. Google Reader is the place for any kind of user-driven activities that involve feeds and it’s independent from Google Blog Search.

* the rate of user growth = the rate of growth for the number of feeds

* the index size grows 4% every week

* 70% of the Google Reader traffic comes from Firefox (a lot of geeky users)

* Gmail and orkut are the only Google applications that have a bigger number of pageviews/user than Google Reader

* search requires a lot of computational resources. Google Reader uses two indexes for search:
– a big tree updated twice a day (150machines, 600 million documents)
– 40 small trees for recent posts, updated every 5 minutes (40 machines, 40million documents)

* future features:
– very soon: internationalization, feed recommendations, accepting pings sent to Google Blog Search
– in the near future: simple clustering based on links (posts that link to the same page), adding comments to the shared items
– idea for monetization: adding AdSense ads and sharing the revenue with publishers, assuming they use AdSense

Most of the information from this post comes from a leaked, confidential video in which Google’s Ben Darnell explained to some Nooglers how Google Reader works. The video was hosted by Google Video, but it’s no longer available. More about the video here.

You can hear the audio portion of the video by using the player shown below.