Google Powered 404 Page Update LogoI was curious as to who was making the money via the sponsored ads that are displayed on the first tab and the web tab of this plugin.

As it turns out, the sponsored ads are for Google because the Ajax powered API is so new. Here is the 411 on the issue.

That is a really great question that I had to search awhile to find. The answer is because this Search API is still so cutting-edge new, Google is the only one making any money from these Ads. It is still pretty beta now, but in the future it will very likely have the features we want. It is against the TOS to remove the ads, and currently you cannot hook your own AdSense account into the Search API. You can however use css to re-position the sponsored links.. like:

.gsc-control .gsc-ad-box {padding-top:100px;}

Does the AJAX Search API contain advertising?

Yes. The Web Search results may include up to 2-4 clearly marked sponsored links. There are currently no ads displayed among the News, Video, Maps, or Blog Search results. If you’re interested in earning money for displaying relevant Google ads on your site, you can do so with Google AdSense.

Thanks to AskApache for clearing this up.

Rock Me Rock You

Did you get a chance to check out the RockMe music festival playing live at yet? The first three days were a huge success. We jammed out with…

  • Rose Hill Drive’s Jake Sproul, chatting live with fans
  • The premier of a Rose Hill Drive performance filmed during a tour with The Who
  • CTO, Tom Conrad
  • Rose Hill Drive manager Brian Schwartz
  • Jambase’s Dean Herman
  • The New Pornographers’s Todd Fancey
  • Rotary Downs’s Zack
  • Daily activities with The Fiery Furnaces, The Jeffrey Lewis Band, Gosling and The Willowz…

Want to help us rock the final day of the festival? Scalp your concert tickets on eBay because all you need is your computer and this code (your specific code I provided) to catch all of the action. Insert the code directly into a post or the sidebar of your blog, try it out and let us know what you think.

Today, the festival ends with a live webcast of Rose Hill Drive’s performance at the Fox Theatre, a surf through Me.dium with rock music legend, J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.

BloggerTalk The Bloggers Podcast

BloggerTalk.TV Logo

Each Tuesday at 8pm Eastern time, join a panel of expert bloggers as they discuss the latest and greatest blogging related news. Each show is performed live on Talkshoe where listeners can call in with their questions or stories related to the blogosphere. Whether it deals with monetizing your blog, RSS, generating traffic, or blogging news, rest assured, this 60 minute show will be packed with content.

After my successful stint on episode 3, the lost episode Anthony Feint was kind enough to bring me back on the show for a full hour with David Peralty where we discussed a number of topics. Ironically, BACN was not one of them, although that was the name of the episode. At any rate, here is what we covered.

Davids Pick for this episode was the news related to WordPress 2.3 which will be a major release. My pick dealt with the blog, Readers Appreciation Project and all three of us actually go into a little more detail in regards to reader appreciation. Anthony actually didn’t have a pick this week, or perhaps David and I took up all of the free time left in the show. At any rate, please give this show a listen and I would love to hear your feedback in regards to my performance or anything related to the show.

To listen to this show without leaving the page, click the PLAY button.

Texty Rolls Out Anticipated Updates LogoThe easy content creation service known as Texty which I reviewed here, Simple Content Creation Using Texty, has rolled out some anticipated updates. One of those updates fixed the Google SEO problem so many users mentioned.

In each Texty edit object under “Advanced Secret Options” you can now input the URL where you plan to post your Texty. Texty claims their indexing techniques will ensure your content will be crawled by search engine spiders which was a missing feature that turned quite a few newcomers away from using the service. They have also added a privacy feature in case you wouldn’t want your content to be indexed. Before you publish your Texty Note, click the “Private” button.

New Texty Features

One of the other updates that were featured in this release is the ability to add a DIGG function to anyone of your Texty notes. This control can be found within the Advanced Options tab. I’m not sure if you’ll ever see a Texty reach the front page of DIGG but hey, it’s worth a shot.

Meebo Celebrates Pirate Day Logo

Considering Meebo was one of the first IM clients to feature a pirate emoticon (type the letter P followed by a right parenthesis “P), it’s only natural that they celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day Last year, Meebo enabled Pirate Speak, where if you type “pirateon” your IMs will be translated into pirate lingo. This year, Meebo has enabled users to select a special pirate buddy icon.

we’ve enabled you to show off your pirate pride by choosing a special pirate buddy icon! We’ve added three new buddy icons that are only available for a few days. If you sign in with a meebo account, you’ll be able to select one of these new pirate faces from the buddy icon chooser on the upper left area of your console.

Netscape Finalizes Changes Logo

Netscape is reporting that they have completed their planned changes to the website. According to Tom Drapeau, the Propeller social news experience will not be going away. Instead, within the next few weeks, Propeller content will be seen on both the portal and AOL News. Netscape also goes on to apologize about the recent performance issues, assuring users that they are hard at work trying to figure those out.

Tom did give us a little bit of insight into their new social news platform:

In the near future, we will be able to share information about our new social news platform, which we are extremely excited about. It will bring together the best of all worlds: a world class design team, an advanced website platform, and a host of new and interesting ways to enjoy social news

Keep an eye on It will be interesting to see if this site is successful or not.