Revver Updates WP Plugin

Revver WordPress Logo

Revver has updated their WordPress plugin today. The plugin mostly consists of more customization and greater support to users.

The plugin has always required that your host allow cURL access. Unfortunately for some users, certain hosting providers such as GoDaddy required additional configuration settings that would have required updating the plugin code. To remedy this, we added a field in the “Revver Configuration” tab where you can add a proxy server that does support cURL (sounds a little mumbo jumbo-y, but all you need to do is copy and paste a URL and you’re good).

Instructions for installing for the first time or upgrading an existing install can be found on the quickstart guide page.

Revver Pays Out 1 Million Dollars

Revver LogoRevver, one of the first video sharing sites to share revenue with it’s userbase have announced they have paid 1 million dollars to video creaters and sharers.

To coincide with this announcement is Revver’s one year anniversary. Doug Bresler, the creator of “Doogtoons” ended up being the one to receive an honorary check for the one millionth dollar earned.

Steven Starr, the founder of Revver shared his thoughts on user generated video,

“The time and place to be an independent creator is right now, online.” said Steven Starr,
founder and chairman of Revver. “Smart advertisers are financing an online economy
that supports these creators, and the top talent will build fortunes. This is historic: It is the
birth of a sustainable art form, and it’s happening before our eyes.”

I would have to whole heartedly agree. Bloggers, podcasters and video creators are developing brands. Those brands just happen to be “themselves” Those who become successful in the user generated space will probably net some pretty lucrative advertising deals. Here is a small bit of history concerning Revver.

Revver launched the 1.0 version of its site in September 2006 to foster the independent creator community emerging on the Internet. From the beginning, the Revver business model sought to reward these creators for sharing their work. By screening submissions and not accepting copyright-infringing content, Revver is able to monetize each and every video. The company’s performance-based advertising system also rewards video owners based on the popularity of their content without instituting barriers to entry. The result is the first open and effective marketplace for online video.

Congratulations to the users of Revver. Apparently, their ‘ad revenue sharing model’ is working. Here is a video showcasing the celebration.

Pownce Update Provides New Features LogoKevin Rose startup, Pownce, has completed the roll out of a new update which contains a couple of new features such as on site image and video previews, other profile links and more user customization options.

Users can now view images and videos that are within links, on site. You’ll no longer need to actually click the link in order to preview what it is. As it stands, you can now embed video into your Pownce messages as long as it is from one of these services, YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Revver and Vimeo. On site image previews are currently only capable of being viewed from Zooomr but Pownce plans on adding Photobucket and Flickr support in a future update.

Pownce Other ProfilesPownce has added a feature that I think many users are going to appreciate. Powncers will now be able to display links to their other online profiles. The list of sites to choose from which you have an account with is tiny compared to that of OnXiAm, but the list does contain quite a few popular services which should suffice for now.

Pownce Upcoming EventsAlso released in this update, is an area on your Pownce user page that displays the next 5 Upcoming Events. In the top right-hand corner of your Pownce user page, you will now see a list containing the next 5 events that you created, or that you have been invited to.

Last but not least, Pownce has included a few more user customization options. These are described below:

you can now open links in a new window by default! you can also set your default note view to something other than ‘notes & replies’, and you can select whom you’re note. tired of seeing all replies displayed inline? no worries, you can set it to just ‘notes’. and finally, you can specify whom notes should go to by default (such as your ‘best friends’ or ‘coworkers’ set).

If you use Pownce, be sure to check out the new features and let me know what you think. If you want, you can add me as a friend as well I don’t use Pownce that much as I get my social kicks from Twitter. On a side note, Pownce tells me that I have 11 more invites to give away. If you were late getting on the bandwagon, but still want to go along for the ride, be sure to let me know in the comments if you want to be invited into the service.