First Big Move For Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight LogoAccording to AppScout, Microsoft has signed it’s first major deal involving Silverlight, Microsoft’s competitor to the Adobe Flash Player. The deal took place with Internap Network Services Corporation. The company will equip websites of several large radio groups with the Silverlight media player. Radio stations that will be participating in this deal include, Citadel Communications, Univision and Radio one.

This is great news for Microsoft as it could be the beginning of the end of the adobe flash player dominance. From everything I’ve read thus far, Silverlight is said to be the flash player of choice as it virtually eliminates the need to buffer before presenting the content. Between Silverlight and Adobe Flash,  which one do you think is going to win?

4 thoughts on “First Big Move For Silverlight

  1. Personally I hope Silverlight doesnt win the contest.

    Truly it will be whoever is more willing to allow their products to be used for free, not just trials… but actually free use. Flash really made a good head way when Macromedia wasn’t actively fighting flash use that wasn’t paid for. Once Adobe bought Macromedia and locked down flash so you couldnt develope it for free there was a large drop off in use.

    Personally I hope the FLOSS community comes through here and changes the way we look at Flash, or possibly show us something way better.

    — BTW — did you see what happened to EFx2? We are moving to —

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