A Few Updates Worth Mentioning


First off, I’d like to thank those of you who participated in the Live Chat last night. I had a blast talking to you in real-time and I think I’m going to make it a weekly occurrence. Every Friday between the hours of 9PM EST and 10PM EST, I’ll be hanging around the blog to chat with whomever wants to chat. So who showed up to the party last night? Sierra, Brad of Strangework.com, Ronald of the ReadersAppreciationProject, Mark Rizzn – Contributing Editor over at Mashable.com, and John Kolbert of Simply-Basic.com. Thanks guys for making the chat a success. The event is logged within the shoutbox itself so if you’re interested, you can browse the back pages of the shoutbox to see what was discussed. I really enjoyed my conversation with Brad concerning Facebook and OpenSocial which will probably turn into a blog post.

Asides from the chat, I have received numerous links pointing me to helpful guides for those that are starting a forum community. I’ve read them all, and I have taken at least one of the hints and implemented it into the forum. I have slashed the number of forums to post in from 20 to about 7. I hope this encourages more people to visit and post within the forum. I’m also working on installing a PHPBB mod which will help me syndicate the forum as a whole, or seperate categories. Once I have that working, keeping up to date with the forum should be easy and I’ll be able to place a widget on the front page of the blog highlighting the 5 or 10 most recent posts.

I’m still working on the MyAvatars code to figure out how to get it to work without stack overflow errors. No progress has been made just yet.

That’s all. Have a great weekend. Don’t forget to visit and sign up to the forum – Jeffro2pt0 Forum

IE And Stack Overflow Errors

Special thanks to Steven Hodson, I was able to discover what exactly was causing the stack overflow errors to occur when browsing this site within IE. As it turns out, the MyAvatars 0.2 plugin is the culprit. I’ve managed to locate block of code that has something to do with the error. If anyone out their in Internet land knows what could be causing the stack overflow errors in this code, PLEASE let me know what I could do to keep the plugin functional yet, prevent those errors from happening.

Code that needs to be edited

That’s the code. Any help would be appreciated!