IE And Stack Overflow Errors

Special thanks to Steven Hodson, I was able to discover what exactly was causing the stack overflow errors to occur when browsing this site within IE. As it turns out, the MyAvatars 0.2 plugin is the culprit. I’ve managed to locate block of code that has something to do with the error. If anyone out their in Internet land knows what could be causing the stack overflow errors in this code, PLEASE let me know what I could do to keep the plugin functional yet, prevent those errors from happening.

Code that needs to be edited

That’s the code. Any help would be appreciated!

4 thoughts on “IE And Stack Overflow Errors

  1. Sorry about the last message. For some reason it got posted prematurely.

    Where was I. It could have something to do with the object ‘this’ is referencing.

    Or perhaps the parentNode code. IE handles it differently last I remember about Javascript.

    Try: this.parent or this.parentElement instead of this.parentNode

    If that doesn’t work, then it could be caused by somewhere else in the code where an element is retrieved which becomes ‘this’, the code might not work in IE like it does in Firefox.

    Let us know how you go, otherwise I might look into it more, or hopefully someone has the answer.

  2. @Mike I actually saw someone fix the error but they ended up removing the Gravatar support from the plugin. I don’t want to do that so I’m messing with the code on my local machine.

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