Registry Scans On Skype

I woke up today and discovered that Mr. Registry Scan had contacted me over Skype. Apparently, Windows requires immediate attention and security center has detected malware on my computer. A funny joke considering that I bet it wouldn’t be discovered unless I clicked on the link provided within the message.

If Mr. Registry scan ends up contacting you through Skype, immediately block him and DO NOT click on the link provided within the message.

I hope I don’t have to look forward to being bombarded with messages from Skype accounts with spam. That would become seriously annoying. This is one of the reasons why I never use the SkypeMe! availability option.

Malware Hijacking YouTube Users reported by Mashable and PCWorld YouTube is being used as a vehicle to infect users with Zlob malware. The malware is in a form of a fake video link which initiates the install of a trojan, which then bombards users with porn adware.

It’s times like these where you really hope that the YouTube security personnel are on the ball, as they are the only ones who can do anything regarding this matter. Because of the human intervention that is required to remove these types of attacks, it is being reported that the malware will have at least a few hours to spread before the infectious links are taken down.

There are no numbers as of yet that describe the amount of people that have been infected thus far, but considering the malicious code is a link and the infected video could perhaps be embedded on a number of websites, we are looking at a potentially dangerous situation. It will be interesting to find out later in the day today, the number of users who have reported being infected.

If I were you, I would stay away from YouTube until we are given the all clear.