Registry Scans On Skype

I woke up today and discovered that Mr. Registry Scan had contacted me over Skype. Apparently, Windows requires immediate attention and security center has detected malware on my computer. A funny joke considering that I bet it wouldn’t be discovered unless I clicked on the link provided within the message.

If Mr. Registry scan ends up contacting you through Skype, immediately block him and DO NOT click on the link provided within the message.

I hope I don’t have to look forward to being bombarded with messages from Skype accounts with spam. That would become seriously annoying. This is one of the reasons why I never use the SkypeMe! availability option.

3 thoughts on “Registry Scans On Skype

  1. Brian says:

    That’s terrible. It nearly turns me away from the internet entirely given the fact that nobody is safe from spam anywhere anymore. I have a GMail account that I use strictly for personal and some business emails, an email address that I do not give away to any sites, yet somehow after a while I ended up getting 20+ Viagra ads. Just so disappointing when you try to keep spam out and it comes in just as hard.

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