Guess What This Is

This came across to me via email and I thought it was very interesting. However, instead of posting the text that goes along with the image, I wanted to see if any of you could guess what kind of equipment this is. The first person to get it right earns 10,000 LEET points. If I see that no one is coming close to the answer, I’ll be adding hints to the commenting section of this post.

Take A Guess As To What This Is

MyBlogLog Fixes Image Issue

MyBlogLog Logo

The MyBlogLog image and widget loading issues that have plagued the blogosphere the past 2-3 days are soon to be resolved. According to the MBL Blog:

We had a hiccup with our image serving system that displays your userpic in the Recent Reader widget. We’ve identified the problem and are running a script that is fixing this. Afterwards, we’ll be making some modifications to prevent this from happening again.

As it turns out, the CIVRF server must of been one of the servers that went down due to a power outage in a Rackspace data center facility located in Dallas, Texas. A truck smashed into a utility pole, causing the transformer to blow up. The generators weren’t enough to power the HVAC system so in order to keep the data center temperatures under control, they brought in 6-10 100KW generators to power the HVAC system.

This outage affected numerous sites such as LaughingSquid, 37Signals and RKNet.

Disabled Hotlinking Protection And Other Stuff

I disabled hotlink protection today after discovering that the HTML email subscription emails were not displaying images. After today, all images used within an article should now show up if your viewing the HTML version of the email.

Tomorrow, I will be going through the archive and properly tagging items that haven’t received any tags due to the plugin being installed  after a certain amount of posts were already published. This should help make discovering those older articles a bit easier.

I will also try to figure out why the search function of this site doesn’t seem to be finding things I think it should be. I’m also going to try to get a hold of the author of the SEARCH EVERYTHING plugin, to see if I can get that to work, so users can search within comments and various other parts of the site that are not covered by the built in WordPress search.

Just wanted to pass those updates along.

Free Stock Photos Via PhotoGen Providing Free Stock Photos

Still paying for your photos and images? Forget royalty-free – try totally-FREE. Photogen stock photos are now FREE for commercial and personal use. The Photogen FREE stock photo gallery is constantly being updated with new photos and images. This should be an instant hit with website theme creators and template developers as other sites charge an arm and a leg to use their stock photography.

Here are a few links to the most popular images found within the service:

Thanks to Ray Cheung for the scoop