Free Stock Photos Via PhotoGen Providing Free Stock Photos

Still paying for your photos and images? Forget royalty-free – try totally-FREE. Photogen stock photos are now FREE for commercial and personal use. The Photogen FREE stock photo gallery is constantly being updated with new photos and images. This should be an instant hit with website theme creators and template developers as other sites charge an arm and a leg to use their stock photography.

Here are a few links to the most popular images found within the service:

Thanks to Ray Cheung for the scoop

3 thoughts on “Free Stock Photos Via PhotoGen

  1. Good find, although the image resolution is very low for most images.

    I would venture to say that most would be too small for making even a 800px blog header, although they are a great size for blog post graphics, category graphics, etc.

    For medium resolution images (around 1000px or so) iStock Photo is still a great price at around $1-3 for stock images for commercial use.

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