SEO At Word Camp

Word Camp is over with for 2007 but during the conference, one of the talking points of discussion revolved around SEO. Some of the tips that were highlighted during this meeting include:

Don’t put blog at root of domain

  • What if you want something besides a blog?
  • People link to a main pageand a main blog page so you get extra links

Name Directory Blog (not wordpress)

  • Case you change
  • If you upgrade.

SEO Tips

various keyword tools: AdWords, Overture/Yahoo

Use a variant of the word in post slug verses title.

use categories that are good keywords

  • dashes are best
  • next best is underscores
  • no spaces are worst
  1. Keep it simple, and search engines will like it.
  2. Don’t change your site, its not worth the hassle.
  3. Use alt tags on your images, 3-4 relevant words
  4. Don’t forget image search and video search.
  5. Full sentence verses a few words? the scoring algorithms don’t mind unless it actually notices the spam.
  6. Question marks or Hashmarks? They get truncated.

Check out all of the other great tips that were covered at the conference by visiting the WordCamp Info Blog.