Red The Steakhouse

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to eat at one of the premiere steak houses in the country, Red The Steakhouse. I have a bucket list of local restaurants I want to eat at before I die and this is one of them and it didn’t disappoint. Red’s participated in Cleveland’s Restaurant week where over 70 restaurants offered deals to try their food. At Red’s, they had a four course meal for $39.

The wife and I went with another couple who we are good friends with and although I was going to order a flat-iron, a generous donation allowed me to upgrade to a Prime Filet Steak. Words can’t describe how delicious it was. I didn’t have to use any steak sauce and each bite was like a small piece of meat heaven. The total amount for just my meal with the upgrade was $64 which is awfully expensive, but that’s why it was on my bucket list. As far as I’m concerned, the meal was worth every penny.

I doubt I’ll eat there again considering the prices but if you’re ever in the Cleveland, OH area and want a damn good steak, you can’t go wrong with Red The Steakhouse.

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Matt Mullenweg Eats Food That Doesn’t Look Like Art

If you follow Matt Mullenweg’s blog that doesn’t pertain to WordPress as I do, you’ll notice he publishes a lot of pictures of food. The food always looks delicious. For example, look at this scrumptious Duck Confit with Sauerkraut he published October 5th, 2013.

Put a frame around it!

Put a frame around it!

Now who would eat a piece of art like that? Put a nice frame around it and it’s ready to be displayed in a gallery. Not once have I seen a picture of a Whopper from Burger King or a Big Mac from McDonalds.

Matt recently joined the Advanced WordPress group on Facebook and opened the floor to questions about WordPress, the Foundation, Jetpack, Automattic, and a host of other topics. I decided to use the opportunity to finally ask him a question that’s been eating away at me for a few years.

I have a question not related to WordPress. Do you ever eat food that doesn’t look like it belongs in an art gallery? Like a Big Mac or something.

His Response: I had McDonald’s as recently as Sunday, just a few days ago. I just don’t usually post it to my blog. McDonald’s I’m a chicken McNugget guy, though I’m curious about their new jalapeno burger. Burger King it’s always a Whopper. Growing up in Texas I have a soft spot for Whataburger and Sonic, I think In-n-Out is overrated but usually tasty, and I’ve been really enjoying Five Guys when I come across one.

I will always be happy with fried chicken from Popeyes or KFC, though the former has better biscuits and I grew up just a few blocks away from one. When Automattic had an office in the Mission in SF there was a KFC on the opposite corner and I’d often sneak over there for lunch or a late snack when I was in the office till odd hours.

So I finally have the answer to my question. Although I’m satisfied with his answer, I want him to take a photo of a bucket of KFC or a Whopper and publish it to his blog. You know, pics or it didn’t happen! If anyone has the skills to make a Big Mac or Whopper look great in a photo, it’s him.