Matt Mullenweg Eats Food That Doesn’t Look Like Art

If you follow Matt Mullenweg’s blog that doesn’t pertain to WordPress as I do, you’ll notice he publishes a lot of pictures of food. The food always looks delicious. For example, look at this scrumptious Duck Confit with Sauerkraut he published October 5th, 2013.

Put a frame around it!

Put a frame around it!

Now who would eat a piece of art like that? Put a nice frame around it and it’s ready to be displayed in a gallery. Not once have I seen a picture of a Whopper from Burger King or a Big Mac from McDonalds.

Matt recently joined the Advanced WordPress group on Facebook and opened the floor to questions about WordPress, the Foundation, Jetpack, Automattic, and a host of other topics. I decided to use the opportunity to finally ask him a question that’s been eating away at me for a few years.

I have a question not related to WordPress. Do you ever eat food that doesn’t look like it belongs in an art gallery? Like a Big Mac or something.

His Response: I had McDonald’s as recently as Sunday, just a few days ago. I just don’t usually post it to my blog. McDonald’s I’m a chicken McNugget guy, though I’m curious about their new jalapeno burger. Burger King it’s always a Whopper. Growing up in Texas I have a soft spot for Whataburger and Sonic, I think In-n-Out is overrated but usually tasty, and I’ve been really enjoying Five Guys when I come across one.

I will always be happy with fried chicken from Popeyes or KFC, though the former has better biscuits and I grew up just a few blocks away from one. When Automattic had an office in the Mission in SF there was a KFC on the opposite corner and I’d often sneak over there for lunch or a late snack when I was in the office till odd hours.

So I finally have the answer to my question. Although I’m satisfied with his answer, I want him to take a photo of a bucket of KFC or a Whopper and publish it to his blog. You know, pics or it didn’t happen! If anyone has the skills to make a Big Mac or Whopper look great in a photo, it’s him.

5 Emoticons You Have Never Seen

Ever get sick and tired of seeing the same old emoticons, over and over again? Wouldn’t it be nice to see some fresh, creative emoticons instead? In this post, I highlight 5 emoticons you may never have seen before. DeviantArt is awesome!

:Factory: by *Jtcgh Factory

Error guys… by ~Big-E Error Guys

The Legion of emoticons by *Lorna36 Legion Of Emoticons

Juicy by ~iTop-edition Juicy Top

Dangling by =synconi Dangling

What are some of the best emoticons you have ever seen?

Turn Your Desktop Into A Forest

I don’t know what it is that makes me such a big fan of forest photography or forests in general. Every time I see a photo taken from within a forest, it makes me wonder what lies beyond the horizon. If the photo is a pathway, I wonder where that path leads. Occasionally, I come across photos of giant Redwoods that are shrouded in fog with the bases of these massive trees surrounded by the deep green colors of ferns. These are the types of photos that really make me wish I was their at that exact moment, to experience that moment for myself.

Unfortunately, due to finances and other obligations, I don’t have the option of traveling that much. However, one of my lifelong goals is to visit Redwood National forest in California so I can see for myself just how big those trees really are. At any rate, since I can’t travel to the forests of the world, my next option is to turn my desktop into a forest via Wallpaper Images.

Some of the best forest photography that I have ever seen comes from DeviantART. DeviantART is the world’s largest collection of talent that I have ever seen. They have so many categories for creative artists, it’s unbelievable. Here are 10 of my favorite images depicting forests. If you have a favorite, please post a link within the comment section.

A Redwood Stream by ~serendipity2 on deviantART

Redwood Forest by ~runescapeandmaple on deviantARTART

immobilization by *werol on deviantART

Stairway to…? by ~jendonoghue on deviantART

Emerald Myst by `aquapell on deviantART

The Battle Of Evermore by `aquapell on deviantART

Goblin’s Hollow by `aquapell on deviantART

sonnentor by *ssilence on deviantART

Redwood Rays by *Timberwolf4u on deviantART

redwood sunshine by ~calinaurban0 on deviantART