Migratr Adds Phanfare Support

Migratr.com LogoMigratr, the software program which I covered in this article, Migratr – Backup And Migrate Your Online Photos has released a new version which adds support for Phanfare. The newest version contains three bug fixes as well as three new features. One of those features includes the resume download/upload option which is now functional.

The three bug fixes worth noting are listed below.

  • SmugMug was not authenticating properly.
  • Faces.com support is now fully functional: There was an issue where the API didn’t return photos that weren’t in albums. The Faces.com team were very helpful in fixing that and keeping me up to date.
  • Exporting to Picasaweb would create albums even though ones with an identical name existed.

If you’ve been waiting for support for Phanfare, or want to backup your online photos, be sure to download Migratr 0.9.0

What Is Your Blogging WorkSpace?

Jeffro2pt0 Dark Banner

One thing I find interesting is that every bloggers workspace is different. Each blogger has his or her own method to their madness. The color of the room they blog in, the room asthetics, room lighting all seem to play a major role in a bloggers workspace. Using Probloggers, workspace post as evidence, sometimes, a house doesn’t make for the best environment for blogging. The first user on Darren’s post uses a boat for their blogging HQ.

So, I ask those of you who blog, to please leave a comment on this blog post with a link to a photo that shows off your blogging headquarters. To start things off, I’ll show you my own Blogging HQ.

Click on the photos to see a larger version.

WorkSpace Without FlashWorkSpace With Flash

Migratr – Backup And Migrate Your Online Photos

Migratr.com LogoI discovered this application via The Global Geek Podcast Episode 59 It’s called Migratr. Migratr was originally developed to allow you to download all of your photos from one web service, then import them into another. But, as Dave mentioned on the show, this tool has a dual purpose.

It can also be used to download all of your photos from a supported online photo hosting service such as Flickr and allows you to create a manual backup. In this how-to article, I will be illustrating how to use this application.

The first thing you need to do is download and then install the Migratr application. Migratr uses the .NET framework which makes it compatible with Windows only. The latest version of the .NET framework which is 3.0 can be downloaded here

Step 1. is the authentication process. As it stands, Migratr supports the following photo services: Flickr, Zooomr, 23HQ, SmugMug and Picasa Web. Since I use Flickr, thats the option I’ll choose. After clicking the Authentication button, the Flickr homepage will load letting me know that Migratr wants to link directly into my Flickr account. At this point, your going to want to click on the blue OK, I’LL ALLOW IT button. Now that Migratr is authorized, it’s time for step 2.

Step One Of The Migration Process

Step 2. Click on the Finish Authentication Button

Finish The Authentication Steps

Step 3. Now that the Flickr account is authenticated, I can begin the Import process, which will download all of my photos that are currently within my Flickr account. After clicking the Import button, you’ll be given the opportunity to select where the photos will be stored. For simplicity, I’m going to select a newly created folder on my desktop. Since I have over 700 images, this ought to be interesting.

It took nearly 20 minutes for migratr to download 783 Flickr photos. The amount of time it takes for your Import will vary depending upon your Internet connection speed and the number of photos in your account.

Beginning The Import Process

Along with all of my photos, Migratr also produced an XML file. This XML file is the important asset that allows for the importing and exporting to different services. The XML file contains all of your tags, album titles, individual image titles, and image descriptions. Essentially, all of the meta data that is associated with your account.

At this time, you can either continue with the program to import your photos into a different service, or you can close the program, with confidence that you now have a full backup of your photos that you can store on an external hard drive or DVD. You never know, some insane virus or technical failure could wipe out Flickr. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

For the sake of this article, I’m going to create a brand new account on 23HQ and see how the exporting process goes.

Step 4. After your import is finished, click on the CONTINUE TO EXPORTING button. Since I created a new account on 23HQ, thats the one I am going to select. Click on the authenticate button to begin the authentication process.

Time To Export The Photos Into 23HQ

Step 5. Click on the Finish Authentication button.

Finish authenticating then begin the export process

Step 6. Click on the Export button and select the folder where your imported photos are located. That is precisely what I did and it took an insanely large amount of time to upload photos. My upstream connection is only 512K. The lesson here, if your going to import photos into a another service, make it an overnight affair.

The photos that uploaded into my 23HQ account looked as though they retained all of the information that was attributed to them on Flickr. Migratr seems to have done it’s job and it did the job fairly well. Before I let you go, there are a few more things that you should know or at least consider before making any hasty moves.

Albumns Were Transferred Successfully Tags Were Also Transferred Successfully A number of photos were succesfully exported

The first is that I use a Flickr Pro account. This means I have the ability to upload an unlimited amount of photos. Unless you have a pro account for any of the services that are supported by Migratr, you won’t be able to move your entire account over to a new service in one try. Secondly, Zooomr appears to be supported even though their API has yet to be released. As it stands, Zooomr does not support mass uploads. If you try to export your photos to Zooomr through Migratr, you will be presented with an error, telling you that the authentication failed, try again later.

Even though the program works now, it’s been awhile since Alex has posted anything on his Migratr site. I really hope he continues to support and improve upon this product as it’s BACKUP functions are enough for me. Alex, if your out there, let us know what’s going on and thank you for producing this awesome application.

Pownce Update Provides New Features

Pownce.com LogoKevin Rose startup, Pownce, has completed the roll out of a new update which contains a couple of new features such as on site image and video previews, other profile links and more user customization options.

Users can now view images and videos that are within links, on site. You’ll no longer need to actually click the link in order to preview what it is. As it stands, you can now embed video into your Pownce messages as long as it is from one of these services, YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, Revver and Vimeo. On site image previews are currently only capable of being viewed from Zooomr but Pownce plans on adding Photobucket and Flickr support in a future update.

Pownce Other ProfilesPownce has added a feature that I think many users are going to appreciate. Powncers will now be able to display links to their other online profiles. The list of sites to choose from which you have an account with is tiny compared to that of OnXiAm, but the list does contain quite a few popular services which should suffice for now.

Pownce Upcoming EventsAlso released in this update, is an area on your Pownce user page that displays the next 5 Upcoming Events. In the top right-hand corner of your Pownce user page, you will now see a list containing the next 5 events that you created, or that you have been invited to.

Last but not least, Pownce has included a few more user customization options. These are described below:

you can now open links in a new window by default! you can also set your default note view to something other than ‘notes & replies’, and you can select whom you’re note. tired of seeing all replies displayed inline? no worries, you can set it to just ‘notes’. and finally, you can specify whom notes should go to by default (such as your ‘best friends’ or ‘coworkers’ set).

If you use Pownce, be sure to check out the new features and let me know what you think. If you want, you can add me as a friend as well http://pownce.com/Jeffro2pt0/ I don’t use Pownce that much as I get my social kicks from Twitter. On a side note, Pownce tells me that I have 11 more invites to give away. If you were late getting on the bandwagon, but still want to go along for the ride, be sure to let me know in the comments if you want to be invited into the service.

Contest Deadline Extended

It’s nearing the end of the month and so far, only one person has submitted an entry to the Web 2.0 Real World Photography Contest. I can’t seem to bring myself to award one individual the prize without some sort of competition. So, I have decided to extend the deadline of the contest to the end of September. I’m hoping that word about this contest will be spread around and hopefully, more entries will be posted before the end of the next deadline. If not, I’m going to assume that Web2.0 truly is an online phenomenon that doesn’t exist outside of the interwebs.

Photography Contest Update

Web 2.0 Photography ContestIt’s nearing the middle of August and I’m sad to say that although there are 4 members who have joined the Flickr group, no one as of yet, has submitted any entries. Up for grabs is a free, 1 year Flickr Pro membership which will be awarded to the person who submits a photograph that best represents Web2.0 in the real world.

To enter this contest, click on the image shown above, or the one on my sidebar. The contest ends on August 31st but if there are no entries by that time, I will extend the contest for another month. Web 2.0 surely has to exist in some or fashion outside of the interweb right?

Web 2.0 Startup Movie Comparisons

EverybodyGoTo.com Logo

Ali J from everybodygoto.com has published a humorous blog post which compares a few different web 2.0 startups to Hollywood movies. Some of the comparisons include:

  • The YouTube Project – Blair Witch Project
  • The MySpace – The Matrix
  • The Facebook – The Graduate
  • Flickr – One Hour Photo
  • The Digg – The Godfather

What movies can you think of that would compare well with a web 2.0 company?

Web 2.0 – Real World Photography Contest

Jeffro2pt0 Web 2.0 Photo Contest Logo

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about a contest that will be starting on August 1st and ending on September 30th. I’d love to see if anything dealing with Web 2.0 exists in the real world which is why this is a Web 2.0 photography contest. The idea is simple. Take a photo of anything that resembles Web 2.0. This could be objects with rounded corners, pastel colors, unique billboard advertisements, architecture, perhaps a product name with the word BETA next to it. Anything that you think you would see in the world of Web 2.0. At the end of the month, I will go through all of the entries to judge which one best represents Web 2.0 and the winner will receive a free Flickr Pro Account which will be good for one year.

In order to submit your entries, please visit Jeffro2pt0 the official Flickr Group for this contest and join the group. Entries submitted in any other way will be discarded.

Here is the low down concerning the contest, also known as rules:

  1. 2 Entries Per Group Member
  2. No Photoshopped Images
  3. Do not use multiple Flickr accounts
  4. Nothing Pornographic or Violent In Nature

I reserve the right to determine whether an image is a rule breaker or not and these rules could be updated or changed at any time prior to the contest completion date. Have fun, and lets see how creative you people are!