Contest Deadline Extended

It’s nearing the end of the month and so far, only one person has submitted an entry to the Web 2.0 Real World Photography Contest. I can’t seem to bring myself to award one individual the prize without some sort of competition. So, I have decided to extend the deadline of the contest to the end of September. I’m hoping that word about this contest will be spread around and hopefully, more entries will be posted before the end of the next deadline. If not, I’m going to assume that Web2.0 truly is an online phenomenon that doesn’t exist outside of the interwebs.

2 thoughts on “Contest Deadline Extended

  1. Hi Jeff.

    Ronald told me about this contest and I am interested. I am just looking for a good opportunity and good things to take pictures of. I think I have many examples, so I am narrowing down my choices to a single choice and still looking for more things.

    Thank you so much for extending the deadline; it helps me, even though I will try to have something by end of this month, hopefully.

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