The Rejuvinating Smell of Rain

It’s almost 2AM here in Northern Ohio and when I let the dog out, I discovered there’s a misty rain falling. There’s something about the middle of the night and the smell of rain. Don’t get me wrong, the smell of rain in general is a calming scent, but paired with the middle of the night, it’s quite a relaxing experience.

So, after the dog did her business, I shut the lights off and went back outside to enjoy it. After a harsh Winter in northern Ohio, a misty rain at nearly 60 degrees feels wonderful. It also smells great. If you’ve been wondering why rain has a smell, check out this science clip by It’s Okay To Be Smart.

2 thoughts on “The Rejuvinating Smell of Rain

  1. This video is educational. Here on the west coast we are accustomed to the many forms of rain and tend to think we know everything about it. I admit I never thought much about the smell of rain before. Thanks for sharing the video.

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