One of Those Days Where I’d Like to Tell Everyone to Piss Off Gordon Ramsay Style

This content is rated R for redonkulous.

Today was a rough day. It started out with good intentions, but after getting a late start with work, it quickly submerged into a pile of crap.  I managed to get some things written when I rediscovered Post Formats in WordPress.

When I think about how there hasn’t been any improvement to Post Formats for at least two years and the poor user experience it offers, it’s upsetting. They’re a half-baked feature at best and if the core team is going to let it rot for eternity, it’s best to just get rid of it and move it into a plugin. This way, it might get a few volunteer contributors. Hell, it might even get forked and reworked into something more like Content Blocks. Think about the headline on that story “Post Formats Rises From The Ashes To Be Something Useful”.

Then, there is the discussion around the Happiness Bar name which apparently pissed some people off due to its ridiculous nature. I think it’s worth considering, but them being pissed off pissed me off and had me looking for a Happiness Bar in Colorado if you get my drift.

Last but not least, I read the news about Flickr allowing its users to choose CC0 and Public Domain license designations. While it’s a great thing in general, it’s maddening how their search sucks so bad, you’ll spend more time looking for an image that meets those license requirements than using them. Why can’t they have a facet available to where I can search only for images with those licenses, not just CC licenses in general. Doesn’t anyone who develops Flickr use their own product?

It’s a lot of useless frustration and anger today that I hope doesn’t bleed into tomorrow. With tomorrow being April Fool’s day, I’ll probably want to tell everyone to fuck off with their stupid jokes and pranks.

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