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Reddit has this thing where you can ask people anything and supposedly, they’ll answer any question you ask. The whole concept is funny to me because I live my life based on the ask me anything mantra.

Unfortunately, there have been several instances where being honest has gotten me in more trouble than just lying or making something up. It’s a shame really because if I ever have kids, I’ll have to explain to them that honesty is a double-edged sword. Oh, and some people really can’t handle the truth.

So, if you want to take me up on my offer, use the comments to ask me a question, about anything. I’ll have to choose which side of the sword to use for my answer :)


7 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything

  1. I’ve always been a fan of your candor; here are my questions:

    1. Given the lack of nuance and context frequently distorting the intention of messages in many communication methods, what do you think may be a good adjustment for text-based communication to allow for more measured prose? Is our only answer to limit our topics, and with whom we speak?

    2. Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that He, Himself, could not eat it?

    • Great question that I feel I need a Phd to answer. Context is so hard to determine, even with face to face communication. However, I think face to face communication is the best way to decrease the chance that thinks get distorted or taken out of context. Thinking about this topic is actually a bit fascinating to me. I’m going to research and look more into it because one this is for sure, face to face communication is rapidly disappearing in favor of text messages and emoticons only go so far.

      If Jesus was actually a human and not a made up character, or a collection of mist and spirits, then of course he could. After biting into it, I doubt he would yell out “Damn, this burrito is hot as hell”

    • Your question would have been more awesome if you replaced one letter in Duck with something else :) but even then, it would be tough to answer.

      With a horse sized duck, I probably lack the strength to fend it off using only my hands and feet. With one hundred duck sized horses, I can’t outrun them and their numbers put me at a serious disadvantage.

      Since duck is an awesome bird to eat, I’ll take my chances beating the crap out of the giant duck. Then throw it in the oven and have a party. Make sure there are cherries, duck sauce, and a fancy bottle of wine to go with it. Then as we eat dessert, we can quack up over corny duck jokes.

      But hey, I wouldn’t blame ya for putting money on the duck.

    • Well for starters, I had to look up the definition of apathy. According to the definitions of both, not a whole lot separate the two. They’re both lacking. However, I can certainly see how some people would call me apathetic, especially when it comes to just being honest.

      For example, I go to funerals. I don’t like funerals, who does? However, I always cheerfully say, there’s usually a good meal involved after the funeral. Now, while that may be the case, people could see that as apathetic to the person’s situation. But when I look at funerals that way, it makes them a little easier for me to attend and be a part of. Also, funerals are usually sad but in reality, they are really moments to rejoice the great things in a persons life. When I die, I hope a bunch of people take vodka shots at or just after my funeral in memory of operating a virtual Tavern :) have a big party!

      Ignorance is dangerous since it involves missing information. But since no one knows all, everyone is prone to being ignorant a few times in their life. But the “I didn’t know” defense is one of my favorites.

      I’d like to learn more so since this my blog, I’m going to turn this around on you and ask the same question. What is the difference between ignorance and apathy? Don’t bullshit me Huereca :)

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