WordPress Is Nothing To Lose Sleep Over

When it comes to WordPress, I have my personal views and takes on things but for the most part, I can be persuaded to one side or the other of an argument. I don’t ever claim to know everything as that’s impossible.

What I enjoy most about WordPress is talking about it with others. Discussing ideas, the future, the past, what mountain is in the way that needs to be blown up! I don’t have a personal allegiance to one side of an argument unless I strongly agree with something. Only then do I fight for what I believe is right.

WordPress is just software. Software that powers over 20% of the web of course but at the end of the day, it’s just software. It’s nothing to lose sleep over.

3 thoughts on “WordPress Is Nothing To Lose Sleep Over

  1. Here, here! What you’ve said in your comment was one of the pillars of success for the WP Tavern forums back in the day. Inclusive of all thoughts, opinions, etc. Sigh, would be awesome to at some point recreate that atmosphere on the Tavern, if and whenever the forums return.

  2. No! If we don’t keep it as something important, then why have blogs and podcasts dedicated to it? ;) To be fair, there is very few things in life to lose sleep over. Being a community leader (as you are for WordPress), means also being a patient moderator. Having a passionate group of people with diverse opinions is great. It is near impossible to force people to be excited about something. I feel that finding passion and purpose should be the goal of each person, and, in my opinion, that’s something worth losing sleep over.Just my two cents of course…

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