Difference Between Blogger And Publisher

What is the difference between a blogger and a publisher? Have the lines between the two blurred so much that there is no difference? Some say that the difference between labeling someone a publisher or a blogger is size. The size of what though? The site? The amount of content they produce? The type of content? Lets talk about it.

5 thoughts on “Difference Between Blogger And Publisher

  1. Steve Pickering says:

    Interesting question… I would say the publisher is the person or organization that owns or controls the site and the domain name. The publisher could also provide the financial backing, web design, technical support, ownership of a trademark, proprietary etc.

    The blogger, on the other hand, is the person (or persons) actually writing the blog or providing the content (video, images, and so on).

    Think of a newspaper, for example, that owns a blog for the paper. The newspaper itself would be the publisher, while the entries on the blog itself are provided by staff writers, freelancers, editors, etc.

    Of course, there are many, many blogs where the publisher and the blogger are the same person. In many ways, that is one of the most powerful things about blogging – the ability to own and write a “publication” with very little investment.

  2. the question of is there a difference between a blogger and a writer…I’m gonna say no. Really how can there be? Both are putting words into some kind of format for others to read.

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