Small Potato Keeps His Word

Tung Do otherwise known as Small Potato has kept his word regarding what used to be his theme club. He stated that if the new owner didn’t do anything with the site that he would refund those who purchased theme club memberships. Michael Castilla over at WPCandy is reporting today that he has received his $5.00 membership refund through Paypal already. He also mentions word that someone continued to pay the $400.00 webhosting fee for the website. How weird is that considering the site has been stale ever since it received new ownership.

I think what Small Potato has done proves that he is someone that is a trustworthy and honorable person. Good on him for keeping his word.

9 thoughts on “Small Potato Keeps His Word

  1. $400 a month isn’t exactly a cheap hosting bill, most likely for a decked out dedicated server. I am glad the site is still up because it’s still a great resource, even though it hasn’t been updated in months. But who could possibly be paying for it? That guy named Pawel?

  2. You don’t find people like this any more. Being honest is a great publicity stunt. (Not in any way saying that that was his intention).

    It just works very well being honest! We should all be inspired.

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