Woopra Continues To Improve

Early this morning, John P. published the state of the union for the month of October for Woopra. In this latest round of news, John lets us know that their is a slew of speed enhancements to the service overall thanks to a brand new DNS architecture. Also in the post, Woopra users will no longer have to type in their SITE ID into the Woopra configuration as it is no longer needed. This has allowed the javascript code to be reduced to a single line.

On top of all that, members can now configure their time zone, rename their website and configure URL Query parameters. I’m especially grateful for the timezone configuration as my stats would reset to the next day at 8P.M. EST which was a little annoying.

There is also word that Woopra will be developing an iPhone application. I’m sure Woopra and iPhone make for a perfect match. Last but not least, a revamped client is coming down the pike that will contain campaign and ad tracking. Two features that I think many bloggers will love.

2 thoughts on “Woopra Continues To Improve

  1. Glad to see you are noticing. :D We’ve got even more bells and whistles coming. Stay tuned for fireworks soon.

    Aloha from Hawaii, my friend! Wish you were here learning all about how Hawaii does social. We have so much to learn from them. I’m getting some big lessons here.

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