Woopra 1.2 Has Me Wooping For Joy

If you haven’t opened up your copy of Woopra yet, do so soon as they have released version 1.2 of their analytics client. This new version has finally fixed a long standing problem I’ve had with Woopra since the release of 1.1 and that is the referral com null redirection error. I’m happy to say, that feature works properly now.

After installing and running Woopra 1.2 for the first time, there are two things that you should notice right off the bat. The first, Woopra now has a new desktop shortcut icon.

New Woopra Desktop Shortcut Icon

Although the icon is not a drastic change, it has a slicker appearance than the other one.

The second thing you’ll notice is that Woopra now has a dashboard area or a homepage. I call it a dashboard because its purpose reminds of me of the WordPress dashboard. This is where news from the Woopra site is displayed along with advertisements on the right hand side. The advertisements are not that distracting and I feel this is one of the ways Woopra will be able to provide a tiered (paid for / free) service.

Click on the image to see the full size

The dashboard also provides at a glance information for each site you have configured to use Woopra. The dashboard contains information such as the live visitors, pageviews, and visits along with a mini bar graph for visual stats.

Other things that are new with Woopra:

  • Support for Machines Running Java 1.5
  • Map Customization
  • Color-coded Visitor Map
  • Analytics Filtering Improvements
  • File Menu Standardization
  • Live Visitor Counts on the Website Tabs
  • New Login System
  • Highlighted Tabs During Site Visits
  • Significant Memory Handling Improvements
  • Database Improvements Resulting in Multiple Speed Enhancements
  • Changes Implemented For Future Updates

So far, I’ve been pretty happy with this new release. If you have upgraded to Woopra 1.2, let me know what you like most about the new version. If you would like to read more about the features in Woopra 1.2, be sure to read the official blog post which goes into more detail.

2 thoughts on “Woopra 1.2 Has Me Wooping For Joy

  1. So glad you like it. Did you test the new analytics with graphics which chart the traffic on a per page basis? And the neat way the site tab “flashes” an aura when you get a new visitor. I like being able to quickly see the traffic number on the tab, too. A lot of great new features, and a lot of work went into fixing things.

    The small Woopra team is amazing. I don’t know how they do it all. Thanks for the kind words. They are well deserved. Glad you like it.

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