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Stefan Vervoort was kind enough to make me feel special by conducting an interview with me. The interview discusses my job at Performancing.com, managing time while blogging, Jeffro2pt0.com, jeffc.me, my goals with each site I am operating and more. I may have gone overboard with the time management question but I’ve been waiting for an excuse to tell someone what it’s like in my shoes for a day. I seriously need to find a way to manage my time better.

Please check out the interview and then come back here so we can talk about it. Thanks again Stefan for the interview opportunity.

3 thoughts on “DivitoDesign Interviews Me

  1. Nice job Jeff, great interview! You’re gonna be an A-lister before you know it! Just don’t forget about us on the Z list haha

    I liked your time management answer. I’m too scared to write my daily schedule down as I’m not sure if I would like what I see haha. Be sure to keep us updated on any time management tips/tricks you figure out.

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